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Syrian Gallery

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Krak des Chevaliers, famous Crusader Castle near Homs, Syria
Map of Palestine and the Holy Land
View of the city de Damascus, Syrian anonymous
Latakia, Syria - General view
Aleppo, Syria - The Citadel - Gatehouse and Entrance
St John Chrysostom / Butle
Saladin, Sultan of Egypt and Syria
Syrian peasant making bread, Holy Land
Harmal or Syrian rue, Peganum harmala
The Hejaz Railway at Zabadani, Damascus, Syria
Court of Maison Lisbona in Damascus, Syria
Midhat Pasha Souq at Damascus Straight Street, Syria
Syria. Krak des Chevaliers
Damascus, Syria - Ancient Walls (St. Pauls escape)
Syria - Maaloula - Ancient Hillside town
Naaman the Leper Healed
Aleppo, Syria - Rue Nafyeh
Syria - Jewish Workers producing Engraved Brasswork
Antioch (Antakya), Turkey
Goat / Syrian 19C
Bedouin woman with face tattoos outside her tent, Syria
Victoria Hotel in Damascus, Syria
Bab Sharqi (Gate of the Sun) in Damascus, Syria
Al-Hamidiyah Souq in old town Damascus, Syria
Farid al-Atrash and Asmahan, Syrian-Egyptian performers
Railway Station as abandoned by the Turks - Aleppo, Syria
Syrian war chariot with sickles mounted
A Bedouin shepherd in Syria sitting sideways on donkey
A Bedouin shepherd on a donkey leads his flock, Syria
Syrian bedhouin shepherd boy holds a small lamb in his arms
Band of the Turkish Army in Palestine awaits Djemal Pasha
Syrian Women preparation preparing flat bread
Damascus, Syria - Rue de la Gare and the Orient Palace Hotel
Norias at Orontes River in Hama, Syria
Bridge over the Orontes River in Hama, Syria
Street next to one of the Norias of Hama, Syria
Barada river in Damascus, Syria
Martyrs Square in Damascus, Syria
Al-Salihiyah (Salehiye) in Damascus, Syria
Part of the Temple of Jupiter in Damascus, Syria
Interior of Azm (Azem) Palace in Damascus, Syria
Damascus Straight Street, Syria
Main street and Queiq River in Aleppo, Syria
Rue El-Sofie (El-Sofie street) in Aleppo, Syria
Antakya, Turkey
Orontes River in Antakya, Turkey
Latakia, Syria - Religious Hospital
Damascus, Syria - Entrance to the House of Saint Ananias

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