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Suspected Collection

Background imageSuspected Collection: Ugly Duckling (Boyle)

Ugly Duckling (Boyle)
The old cottage woman, with her distaff and her animal companions : often such solitary females were suspected of witchcraft

Background imageSuspected Collection: Portrait of Ethel Le Neve

Portrait of Ethel Le Neve
Ethel Le Neve, Dr Crippens mistress. Dr Crippen, an American citizen, lived at 39 Hilldrop Cresent, Camden, London. He was accused of murdering his wife when she disappeared under suspicious

Background imageSuspected Collection: George Earl Linlithgow

George Earl Linlithgow
GEORGE LIVINGSTON. earl of LINLITHGOW - Scottish soldier and statesman, suspected of either cowardice or duplicity when opposing Covenanters. with his autograph

Background imageSuspected Collection: Platypus (Bewick)

Platypus (Bewick)
ORNITHORHYNCHUS ANATINUS At the time Bewick engraved this, the animal had not been named : some naturalists even suspected the creature was a fake

Background imageSuspected Collection: Portrait Group

Portrait Group
A group portrait painting of three similar looking girls, probably related. Date: circa 1840s

Background imageSuspected Collection: Edward Paine Butler

Edward Paine Butler
A portrait painting of Edward Paine Butler, 1811-1849, who was the eldest son of lawyer and landowner, Gamaliel Butler. Date: circa 1845

Background imageSuspected Collection: Young Woman

Young Woman
A portrait of an unknown young woman, wearing a pendant brooch. Date: circa 1840s

Background imageSuspected Collection: Men interrogated by Chief Inspector Melville

Men interrogated by Chief Inspector Melville
All the men whom Chief Inspector Melville suspected were taken into the bar of the club and closely interrogated. 1894

Background imageSuspected Collection: EMPRESS AND HEADS

The dowager empress Tz u-Hsi shows the emperor Kuang-Hsu the heads of mandarins suspected of sympathising with the Russians, whereas she supported the Boxer Rising Date: 1904

Background imageSuspected Collection: Pulling down the Red Flag, Grand Opera House; Paris Commune

Pulling down the Red Flag, Grand Opera House; Paris Commune
Red Flag being taken down from the Grand Opera House in Paris, indicating the fall of the Paris Commune of 1871. As the Commune fell 8 days of bloody revenge began

Background imageSuspected Collection: Suspected Brit Smuggler

Suspected Brit Smuggler
A British yachtsman suspected of rum-running throws an American customs man off his ship. Date: 1922

Background imageSuspected Collection: The Spook Suspected by Bruce Bairnsfather, WW1 cartoon

The Spook Suspected by Bruce Bairnsfather, WW1 cartoon
Old Bill has always felt that there was something reminiscent of Bert about the way he got that nasty crack over the head from a tambourine at that little bit of a seance they had theother night

Background imageSuspected Collection: Ludwig Geyer

Ludwig Geyer
LUDWIG GEYER, the second husband of Richards mother, thus his stepfather : it is widely suspected, though not certainly, that he was the composers real father. Date: 19TH CENTURY

Background imageSuspected Collection: Russian troops running from German attack, WW1

Russian troops running from German attack, WW1
Russian troops running from a suspected German cavalry attack, on the eastern front during the First World War. By 1917 the Russian army was becoming increasingly demoralised. Date: 1917

Background imageSuspected Collection: Arthur Richard Dillon

Arthur Richard Dillon
ARTHUR RICHARD DILLON Irish soldier in French service; capable administrator in West Indies, successful officer in Revolutionary War, suspected of conspiracy, guillotined. Date: 1750 - 1794

Background imageSuspected Collection: Florence Dixie Attacked

Florence Dixie Attacked
Writer, socialite and traveller Lady FLORENCE DIXIE is attacked under mysterious circumstances at her home, The Fishery : a connection with Irish Fenians is suspected. Date: 1883

Background imageSuspected Collection: Thomas Cattamus, Martyr

Thomas Cattamus, Martyr
Father THOMAS CATTAMUS Catholic priest in England, suspected of conspiracy and hanged and quartered in London. An angel bestows a martyrs crown on him. Date: ? - 1582

Background imageSuspected Collection: Police / Making an Arrest

Police / Making an Arrest
A policeman makes an arrest. He tackles the suspected villain in the lamplit street. Date: circa 1840

Background imageSuspected Collection: Robot arrested at a theatre in Pavia, Italy

Robot arrested at a theatre in Pavia, Italy
A robot is arrested at a theatre in Pavia, Italy, on suspicion of being a fake ! Date: 1935

Background imageSuspected Collection: Nicholas Hart, the Great Sleeper

Nicholas Hart, the Great Sleeper
Nicholas Hart, known as the Great Sleeper, who slept from 5 to 11 August 1711, though he was suspected of shamming with a view to earning money. Date: 1711

Background imageSuspected Collection: Loyal Masons 1561

Loyal Masons 1561
Assembling at York, the Masons are suspected of plotting against Q. Elizabeth : Grand Master Thomas Sackville invites her officers to test their loyalty for themselves Date: 27 December 1561

Background imageSuspected Collection: Suffragette Arson Whitekirk

Suffragette Arson Whitekirk. St. Marys in Whitekirk, East Lothian, after the fire of 26th february 1914. Suffragette militants were suspected, and, as the churchs minister wrote

Background imageSuspected Collection: Habitual Criminals Bill

Habitual Criminals Bill
As a result of the Habitual Criminals Bill which has recently passed through the House of Lords, constables were authorised to summarily apprehend, without warrant, ticket-of-leave men

Background imageSuspected Collection: LCC-LFB - Fire investigation, suspected arson fire

LCC-LFB - Fire investigation, suspected arson fire
The LFB would gather photographic evidence, wherever possible, as to the probable cause of fire where arson was suspected or proven

Background imageSuspected Collection: Brotherley Surveillance

Brotherley Surveillance
After the Paris Commune, the Lodge of Perfect Equality set traps for individuals suspected of insurrection under the pretext of initiations

Background imageSuspected Collection: A Nasal Reconaissance

A Nasal Reconaissance
Three British bobbies on the beat during WWI, attempt to lure a suspected German spy from his flat in Tottenham Court Road in London, by frying some delicious looking sausages beneath his window

Background imageSuspected Collection: Russian Brutality

Russian Brutality
A religious procession from the church of the Bernardins is suspected by the Russians of being a political demonstration, and dispersed with the usual brutality

Background imageSuspected Collection: Arrest of a suspected Prussian spy; Franco-Prussian War, 187

Arrest of a suspected Prussian spy; Franco-Prussian War, 187
Illustration showing the arrest of suspected Prussian spy in the busy Boulevard des Italiens, Paris, during the early stages of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1

Background imageSuspected Collection: Communards on Trial

Communards on Trial
Suspected Communards on trial in the Orangerie at Versailles

Background imageSuspected Collection: Conspiracy Suspected

Conspiracy Suspected
The president of the high court, Beranger, questions M Barbes at the chateau de Vincennes, concerning his possible involvement in a royalist conspiracy

Background imageSuspected Collection: Coup: Seeling Arms

Coup: Seeling Arms
Homes of suspected resisters of Napoleons coup are searched for concealed arms

Background imageSuspected Collection: Cabinet Noir

Cabinet Noir
The correspondence of persons suspected of republican sympathies is subject to censorship by the secret Cabinet Noir

Background imageSuspected Collection: Cephalus & Procris

Cephalus & Procris
Procris is inordinately jealous of her husband, and deserts him on account of suspected infidelity, but welcomes him back with gifts of a dog and a javelin

Background imageSuspected Collection: Faustus Felix

Faustus Felix
FAUSTUS FELIX - Roman patrician, described by Tacitus as timid and despicable, suspected of plotting aganst Nero so first exiled, then murdered

Background imageSuspected Collection: Suspect Peasant

Suspect Peasant
Though serfdom is abolished, many peasants seek further reforms : police visit the home of a suspected dissident who cringes before them

Background imageSuspected Collection: Hunting Hoarders

Hunting Hoarders
Russian police search the homes of peasants suspected of having hidden stores and stolen grain

Background imageSuspected Collection: Philip Howard / Arundel

Philip Howard / Arundel
PHILIP HOWARD 13TH EARL OF ARUNDEL Roman Catholic suspected of conspiracy. Imprisoned and died in the Tower of London

Background imageSuspected Collection: Arrest of Anarchist

Arrest of Anarchist
Police arrest a suspected anarchist during a night raid

Background imageSuspected Collection: Campion & Parsons 1581

Campion & Parsons 1581
Edmund Campion (1540-1581) suspected of papist leanings, hanged at Tyburn, shown with fellow Jesuit Robert Parsons whose mission was to reclaim England for catholicism

Background imageSuspected Collection: Hunting Alphabet - K

Hunting Alphabet - K
K stands for Keeper who may be suspected of all kinds of mischief, some quite unexpected

Background imageSuspected Collection: Suspected Moonlighter

Suspected Moonlighter
Police examine the gun of a peasant farmer, suspected of being a moonlighter - a terrorist who operates by night

Background imageSuspected Collection: Moonlighters Arrested

Moonlighters Arrested
Police arrest suspected moonlighters - terrorists who operate by night - in a cabin near Castle Island, county Kerry

Background imageSuspected Collection: Livingstone Found / Hornet

Livingstone Found / Hornet
Stanley finds Livingstone - a somewhat disrespectful depiction of the momentous occasion by a caricaturist who suspected media hype

Background imageSuspected Collection: Victoria Mesmerises

Victoria Mesmerises
Queen Victoria, visiting Louis-Philippe of France, is suspected by the French of using mesmerism on him to obtain better terms for their commercial treaty

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