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Surtees Gallery

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Jorrocks and the Bull
Horse and drunk huntsman crashing through a shop window
Harlequins Rugby Team
A game keeper giving directions to a couple fox hunting
Surtees / Handley Cross
Jorrocks Hunt / Surtees
Afternoon tea in a Victorian drawing room, 19th century
English huntsman dragged in the middle of the hounds
English lady surveying fancy room with covered chandeliers
English huntsman and lady watching a fox swim across
Landowner discovering poachers netting partriduges
English tourists promenading in the Tuileries Garden
Lady riding side-saddle on a horse stuck in a fence
English gentleman courting a young lady in a restaurant
English grocer entering a dining room and surprising
English grocer giving a lecture on hunting in a large
A horse bolts through a gate during a foxhunt, 19th century
Huntsman in hunting pinks embracing a woman on a horse
Two English gentlemen evaluating a horse in a paddock
English gentleman and ladies announced before dinner
Huntsman losing control of his horse during a foxhunt
English gentleman in hunting pinks having his portrait
An unusual foot race during a horse-racing meet
Huntsman jumping a fence and interfering with
English gentleman in night clothes struggling in a
English aristocrat in a carriage ignoring a handshake
Arrival of aristocracy at a dance ball in a grand
Fight in the servants quarters during a dance party
Ladies in crinolines embracing in front of a coach
Facey Romford dispossessed by the rightful heir, young
English huntsman making a dangerous jump over a stone
English gentleman being shown into a drawing room
English huntswoman jumping sidesaddle over a fence
Huntsmen and women watch the fox-hounds let out of
English huntsman in hunting pinks and boots examining
Facey Romford hands his candle to a footman
The maids laughing at a gardener dressed up in new
English huntsman fording a river with fox hounds
English huntsman in hunting pinks sitting on a horse
English lady riding sidesaddle in a fox hunt, 19th century
English lady driving a carriage through the busy streets
Lady in crinoline dress with two gentlemen callers
English gentleman riding a horse on his way to a picnic
Rosa McDermott and her mother hearing a prophecy
Fox hunting gentleman riding out with boys on ponies
Fox hunters relaxing before a fire in a grand mansion
Gentleman on an old nag and lady on a pony meet up
English gentleman with his fallen horse during a fox

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