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Subscribers Collection

Background imageSubscribers Collection: Writing / Shorthand Pitman

Writing / Shorthand Pitman
Shorthand writing: an example of Pitmans system, boasting that Fortune magazine has gained over 100, 000 subscribers in five short years

Background imageSubscribers Collection: Telephone Exchange 1929

Telephone Exchange 1929
Londons new Automatic Telephone Exchange, showing an engineer testing the new revolutionary system, whereby subscribers were connected without an operator

Background imageSubscribers Collection: Subscribers leaving the opera, 1891

Subscribers leaving the opera, 1891. Gentleman in top hat and white-tie assisting a woman with her fur-lined cape on the stairs of the Opera de Paris. Handcoloured lithograph by R.V

Background imageSubscribers Collection: Woman returning from the Bois de Boulogne, 1890

Woman returning from the Bois de Boulogne, 1890
Coming back from a morning in the Bois de Boulogne, 1890. Fashionable woman in jacket and skirt, with hat and parasol, walking with dogs along the Avenue Foch toward the Arc de Triomphe

Background imageSubscribers Collection: Birmingham Eye Hospital Out-Patient Ticket

Birmingham Eye Hospital Out-Patient Ticket
A ticket which subscribers to the Birmingham and Midland Eye Hospital could give to a prospective out-patient who would then receive free treatment. Date: 1892

Background imageSubscribers Collection: Coronation and opening of New London Bridge

Coronation and opening of New London Bridge
Scene at the coronation of King William IV and Queen Adelaide (8 September 1831), with the opening of the New London Bridge (1 August 1831) below, with a balloon visible in the top right

Background imageSubscribers Collection: The Mudies of Melbourne

The Mudies of Melbourne
Mr Samuel Mullens circulating library, Collins Street, East; based on the plan of that in New Oxford Street in London, the source of so much inexpensive intellectual pleasure founded by Mr C. E

Background imageSubscribers Collection: First Anglo-French telephone

First Anglo-French telephone
Illustration showing the completion of the first Anglo-French telephone with callers in London speaking to Paris. Insert picture no

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