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Stealing Gallery

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Brammer, Strong & Clarke
Edward I removing the Stone of Scone
Boys Scrumping
Dick Turpin
Dick Turpin
Fairies Steal a Child
The Humorist Easter Number 1938
Poster advertising Melox dog food
Cat Stealing Herrings
Two Little Vagabonds by George R Sims & Arthur Shirley
Stealing Pantalones food on a Christmas and New Year card
Comic postcard, The Price of a Kiss Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Couple on the beach at night - theft of ice cream cornet Date
Comic postcard, Little boy and old man - saving money Date: 20th century
Anglo-French forces looting the Emperors Palace, Beijing, August 1860, Second Opium War
A small boy, having consumed most of a pot of strawberry jam with the help of a cane
Comic postcard, Two children at the seaside in a boat Date: 20th century
Medea and Jason stealing the Golden Fleece
The theft of the La Tour Pastels from St. Quentin, Dec 1918
Tatler cover Clothes Worth Stealing 1961
Cartoon, Poaching on Forbidden Preserves
Dick Whittington by J. Hickory Wood and Arthur Collins
WW1 - Theft of the Arc de Triomphe, Paris by a Zeppelin
Little Folk Misfitz - Tom the Pipers Son
Happy Families Playing Cards - Master Swift
Happy Families Playing Cards - Master Bobby
Zoological Misfitz - Ha Ha ! Mr Fox
Caricature of A W Pinero as a clown
Collecting eggs from a cliff-face
Cartoon, French street market, WW1
Cartoon, Crown Princes Army, WW1
Boys Steal Apples
He Didn t Want to Do It
Little boys birds nesting on a Christmas card
Clown stealing goose on a Christmas card
Clown with food and drink on a Christmas and New Year card
Cartoon, The product of German science, WW1
Cartoon, How to get hold of some plonk, WW1
Illustration by Cecil Aldin, Sealyham terrier
Illustration by Cecil Aldin, a dog who stole eggs
Bobby the dog and Fluff the cat in the dairy
Monkey mascot steals enemy flag, WW1
Cartoon, Being Unable to Take Paris, WW1
Loot by William Heath Robinson WWI
Forager the puppy sniffs at the Irish stew
Hungry Peter as a piglet stealing poultry food
Yes, we have no bananas! by George Studdy
Nursery Rhymes -- runaway horse, Tom the Pipers Son

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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