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Entrance to Tottenham Hotspur football ground, c. 1906
Alfred A.G. Hales, Vanity Fair, Spy
Riding Dress 1819 Men
Male Riding Dress 1813
Austrian soldiers in uniform, WW1
Lord Kitchener making a presentation to an Indian trooper
Kornilov / August 1917
State regalia kept at the Tower of London including St. Edwards crown
Thomas Colleton Garth, Vanity Fair, Spy
Start of a Cock Fight
Chaucer, the Monk
Full battle armor for knight and horse, mid 16th century
Anti-German cartoon, Made in Germany, WW1
Joan of Arc, the maid of Orleans, Jeanne d Arc
Two boys on horseback playing Cowboys and Indians
London Trade Card - John Brailsford, Cutler
Middle Ages. Latvia. Footwear. Riga. 12th-13th century
Aimery de Guillaume Berard, French knight, 13th century
Boys playing football in Balham, SW London
Man in costume, reminiscent Guy Fawkes
Wool tapestry of rural pursuits from the 15th century
Conrad Paumann, German organist, lutenist and composer
Crakows and Trippen shoes from the mid-15th century
Mayor John Holzhausen and wife Guda, late 14th century
Rudolph von Sachsenhausen in 14th century armour
Scenes from an illuminated manuscript of Les Voeux du Paon
Woman with a telescope, era of Marie Antoinette
Studio photo, Lieutenant George, Cape Town, South Africa
Helena Millais as Nance in Silver Creek
Public expulsion of a knight from an Order of Chivalry
Ceremonies of knighthood
A Yeoman of the Guard attending Queen Elizabeth
Knight or man at arms in armour of the time of King Henry II
Bass singer Raffaele Anconi as Douglas in Robert Bruce
Medieval ceremony of the creation of a knight
Michael of Chaugy, Lord of Chissey 1479
Etienne de Vignoles, La Hire, French military
Noble German couple in costume
Four young men on mules, Chile, South America
Cavalier soldier home from the war on a Valentine card
Cat with bow and arrows on a German postcard
City cowboy with his white horse, USA
Studio portrait, young man in WW1 uniform
A young American cowboy with his packet of Balto Cigarettes
Happy Families Playing Cards - Mr Tommy Atkins
Zoological Misfitz - Mr Bengal Tiger
Zoological Misfitz - King Leo
Edward III refusing to send aid to his son

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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