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Shapeless Collection

Background imageShapeless Collection: Lovecraft / Colour / Space

Lovecraft / Colour / Space
A shapeless stream of unplaceable colour - scene from The colour out of space

Background imageShapeless Collection: How Paris Dresses for Peace - Fashion in 1919

How Paris Dresses for Peace - Fashion in 1919
Page from The Sketch reporting on various fashions sighted in Paris in the peace year of 1919 demonstrating the beginnings of 1920s style

Background imageShapeless Collection: Casual Wear 1940s

Casual Wear 1940s
Bib and brace shorts (dungarees) or dress; shapeless, woollen coat with patch pockets; halter-neck summer frock or two-piece summer suit. Date: 1940s

Background imageShapeless Collection: Evening dresses by Philippe et Gaston and Drecoll

Evening dresses by Philippe et Gaston and Drecoll
Two fashionable ladies wearing boat neckline evening dresses. On the left, a white crepe dress encrusted with pearls with a kite shaped design and ruffle to the side, by Philippe et Gaston

Background imageShapeless Collection: Slouching Girl 1960S

Slouching Girl 1960S
A girl wears a shapeless low waisted dress in a floral print & narrow contrasting belt & suede sling-back peep toe sandals. Her hair is cut in a long bob with a fringe. Date: 1960

Background imageShapeless Collection: Checkerboard Scarf 1922

Checkerboard Scarf 1922
Dressmaking patterns: barrel- line dress with a bateau neck, decorative panels at the hips & a low slung belt; short coat with fringed sleeves, checkerboard coat & hat

Background imageShapeless Collection: Knitted Paletot 1924

Knitted Paletot 1924
Shapeless knitted jacket with raglan sleeves, wrap-over front, long roll collar & cuffs in a contrasting shade, & single button at hip level

Background imageShapeless Collection: Dress with Irish Crochet

Dress with Irish Crochet
A barrel-line dress with a V -neck & inserts of irish crochet with a long fringed sash worn across the hips & the bodice pouched slightly to soften the line

Background imageShapeless Collection: Girls in Frocks 1925

Girls in Frocks 1925
Girls wear practical short frocks: gathered from a broad collar & with scollop detailing or shirt style with turn over collar & a deep yoke / shirt front in a contrasting fabric

Background imageShapeless Collection: Fox Fur Stole C. 1917

Fox Fur Stole C. 1917
Costume of the Great War: short gathered skirt & loose shapeless jacket with over-stitching, lace-up shoes with a Louis heel, a white fox fur stole & a straw hat

Background imageShapeless Collection: Fur Fashions of 1924

Fur Fashions of 1924
Cloche hats, fox fur stole, waistless tubular dresses with button detailing or fur cuffs & a window pane check suit of narrow skirt & shapeless jacket with large lapels

Background imageShapeless Collection: Varsity Sac Suits 1907

Varsity Sac Suits 1907
Two American Varsity sac suits - rather shapeless & unbecoming with wide fit trousers that taper to the ankle. Worn with American shoes with bows

Background imageShapeless Collection: Asymetrical Trim 1922

Asymetrical Trim 1922
Barrel-line dress: slash neck & all-round turnover collar creating a berta or cape effect, narrow sleeves, asymetrical bands of trim & a low slung belt at the hips

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