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Seductively Collection

Background imageSeductively Collection: L'Album Front Cover Illustration

L'Album Front Cover Illustration
A front cover illustration from L'Album Les Maitres De La Caricature, The Masters Of Caricature Album. The image shows a young, red haired lady, lying on her front, almost seductively

Background imageSeductively Collection: SULTRY PIANO PLAYING

A man plays a piano and looks up at a glamorous woman in a long dress who is leaning seductively on a corner of the piano Date: 1930s

Background imageSeductively Collection: Pretty French girl in fishscale swimsuit reclining

Pretty French girl in fishscale swimsuit reclining
A pretty French model in fish scale pattern swimsuit and floral silk headscarf reclining seductively on a photographic studio beach. Date: late 1910s

Background imageSeductively Collection: Vamp Fashions 1914

Vamp Fashions 1914
Vamp & Victem: seductively clinging gown with low back, translucent sleeves & tasselled tail in an exotic patterned fabric; soft beret style hat & high heel court shoes. Date: 1914

Background imageSeductively Collection: American Art Deco Playing Card Back - Female bather (2)

American Art Deco Playing Card Back - Female bather (2)
High stylised (and stylish) American Art Deco Playing Card Back - Female bather rather seductively taking off (or putting on) her bathing top against a black background. Date: circa late 1920s

Background imageSeductively Collection: Lady checks her appearance in a dressing table mirror

Lady checks her appearance in a dressing table mirror
A glamourous lady in fur trimmed spotted wrap, stockings and high heels, checks her appearance in a slender dressing table mirror, draped with a scarf in a similar fabric to the wrap

Background imageSeductively Collection: Cupboard Love

Cupboard Love
Lady dressed in a printed drop waist dress seductively reaching into a cupboard. Suzanne Meunier was a French artist who produced a number of erotic illustrations for The Sketch

Background imageSeductively Collection: Merry Widow Hat C. 1907

Merry Widow Hat C. 1907
A lady wearing a " Merry Widow" hat seductively sips a glass of champagne

Background imageSeductively Collection: The Belle of Yesterday by William Barribal

The Belle of Yesterday by William Barribal
Painting by William Barribal (1873-1956) showing two Victorian coquettes wearing crinolines and gazing seductively at the viewer

Background imageSeductively Collection: Bathing Beauties 1960S

Bathing Beauties 1960S
Four young bathing beauties look up at the camera as they pose seductively by a pool

Background imageSeductively Collection: Pin-Up with Blossom

Pin-Up with Blossom
Blonde model, with the tip of her tongue protruding seductively from between her red lips, raises both arms behind her head as she pins apple blossom in her hair

Background imageSeductively Collection: Reclining Pin-Up 1950S

Reclining Pin-Up 1950S
A pretty brunette model with a welcoming gaze & with come to bed eyes reclines seductively on white satin sheets

Background imageSeductively Collection: Dinner Date

Dinner Date
A sulty raven-haired woman in a halter-neck evening dress looks seductively into the eyes of her dinner guest opposite during a candle-lit meal for two

Background imageSeductively Collection: Seductive Woman

Seductive Woman
A woman artfully arranges her long blonde hair while looking seductively at the camera. Her dress has a plunging neckline and rose waist corsage

Background imageSeductively Collection: Flapper in Shawl Dress

Flapper in Shawl Dress
Flapper posing seductively in a fabulous multi-coloured oriental patterned shawl dress with a long fringe border, smoking a cigarette from a holder. Date: 1926

Background imageSeductively Collection: Bathers & Admirers 1906

Bathers & Admirers 1906
two girls attracting male attention. Not surprising as their wet bathing costumes cling seductively to their figures

Background imageSeductively Collection: Glamorous Smoker 1942

Glamorous Smoker 1942
American film star Joan Bennett smokes a cigarette from a holder as she poses seductively for a promotional photo for her latest picture. Note the star hair slides!

Background imageSeductively Collection: Evening Dress / Patou

Evening Dress / Patou
Design by August Abernard: flaring gored floral print skirt, draped V neckline & plunging V back, worn with a long light weight scarf that drapes seductively

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