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Scimitar Gallery

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Swords, Daggers, Maces
Death of Botsaris, 1823
SHAH ABBAS (1557-1628)
Two Eritrean Warriors - Eritrea, East Africa
Man and woman of Arabia, 1818
Dance of the whirling Dervishes
Portraits of the Kings of Persia
Muslim women bathing in a public baths
Two chieftains of the Kutch Province, north-west India
Amirs of Scinde, ethnic group from Sindh, India
Fath Ali Chah, second Qajar emperor or Shah
Portrait of Nadir Shah of Persia, 1698-1747
Chinese infantryman or Tiger of War. Chinese
Scimitar oryx, Oryx dammah
Costumes of Kyrgyz men and woman
Russian military corps: Jannisary, cadet and infantry
Russian military corps: Jaeger, Turk and Wallachian
Weapons used by Mughal soldiers: scimitar
Ancient Chinese military uniforms and weapons
Chinese soldier in complete uniform
Chinese and Tartar infantry
Chinese mandarins in military uniform
Costume of the King of the Kongo
Napoleon Bonaparte forced to abdicate
Adolphe Nourrit in Tarare, 1823
Chinese weapons or implements of war, Qing Dynasty
The First Crusade
Illustration, Selim and Zuleika, The Bride of Abydos
Alvis FV101 Scimitar and FV107 Scorpion light tanks
Mameluke on horseback, Bedouin Arab soldier
Religious shrine, Arequipa, Peru, South America
Kabard prince, Circassian, wearing helmet
Prince of Imereti, Georgia, with musket and scimitar
Costumes of the Gold Coast (Ghana), Senegal
Turkish cavalry, artillery man, and Turkish
Abyssinian Warrior - ready to fight
Sultan Osman I (1300 - 1326)
Tchete - Turkish Peasant from Cilicia, Syria
Supermarine Scimitar, XD212
Supermarine 544 N113, WT859
An 803 Squadron Supermarine Scimitar during sea trials
Supermarine 544 N113, WT854
Supermarine Scimitar XD26ja at Farnborough in 1959
Supermarine 544 N113 WT854 which became the Scimitar
Female Initiation - 5
Sword Sellers - Hyderabad, India
A Mamluk of Cairo, Egypt
A man and Woman of Hindustan (India)
A man and Woman of Iran (Persia)
Mongol Warrior in Armour
Hyder Ali (Haidar)
Kurdish Horseman / Royal
An Arab by Mallet 1683
Resistance to Catholicism in Ethiopia
Children on a Christmas card
Illustration, Hassan by James Elroy Flecker
House Staff - Rangoon

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