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Varieties of bats
Sperm whale or cachalot, Physeter macrocephalus (vulnerable)
Least weasel, red panda and bearcat
Shrews and moles
Barbary lion, female, Panthera leo barbaricus, extinct
Fin whale (endangered) and bowhead whale
Hourglass dolphin, harbour porpoise and short-beaked dolphin
Narwhal and dugong (vulnerable)
Aurochs (extinct) and American bison
Yak, musk ox, wild barbary sheep (extinct) and red sheep
Broad-tailed sheep and merino sheep
Cashmere goat, walia ibex and bezoar ibex
Alpine ibex and domestic goat
Chamois and roan antelope
Rhim gazelle and Arabian oryx
Nilgai and black wildebeest
Bushbuck and common eland
Addax antelope (critically endangered)
Klipspringer and four-horned antelope (vulnerable)
Saiga antelope (critically endangered) and Dorcas gazelle
Red deer, Cervus elaphus, and fallow deer, Dama dama
Dromedary and Bactrian camel, critically endangered
Plains zebra and mountain zebra
Lioness and cubs with trainer, Panthera leo
African wild dog, spotted hyena and striped hyena
Meerkat and aardwolf
Dingo, sheepdog, scent hound and pomeranian
Pointer, dachshund and basset hound
Dog breeds including poodle, chow, pug, etc
Greyhound and bulldog
Newfoundland dog and St. Bernard dog
Striped skunk and otter
Marten, beech marten and stoat
Hog badger, Sunda stink badger and wolverine
Kinkajou, South American coati and badger
Raccoon and sloth bear
Asian black bear and American black bear
East Siberian brown bear and brown bear
Loris, tarsier, indri and bushbaby
White-headed lemur and ring-tailed lemur
Buffy-headed marmoset 1, and golden lion tamarin 2, 3
Silvery marmoset and common marmoset
Black-headed uakari and black capuchin
Black-headed uakari and brown-backed bearded saki
Black howler, Alouatta caraya (Stentor barbatus)
White-bellied spider monkey and northern muriqui
Geoffroys woolly monkey, endangered
Crab-eating macaque and mandrill

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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