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Sage Gallery

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Mrs. Sage
Mrs. Sage
Big sage, ghaneri or tickberry, Lantana camara
Creeping boobialla, Myoporum parvifolium
Shining-leaved sage, Salvia formosa
Blood amaranth, Amaranthus cruentus
Wax model in shop window display
Stagg & Mantle shop window display
Shop front, Tienda San Juan, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Entrance, Galeries Layfayette, Regent Street, London
Armenian Jerusalem sage, Phlomis armeniaca
Cashmere phlomis, Phlomis cashmeriana
Large blue Mexican sage, Salvia patens
Sage or Salvia species
Theligonum cynocrambe, and Mediterranean sage
Sage, Salvia acuminata, and wood sage, Salvia sylvestris
Wild clary sage, Salvia sclarea, and common
Clary sage varieties, Salvia sclarea
Wood sage, Teucrium scorodonia, and red mint
Clary sage, Salvia selarea
Three-colored sage, Salvia tricolor
Scarlet sage cultivar, Salvia splendens
Bolivian sage, Salvia rubescens
Cedar sage, Salvia roemeriana
Wild sage, Teucrium scorodonia
Scarlet sage, Salvia splendens
Prairie sage, Salvia azurea
Spreading sage, Salvia patens
Blue sage, Eranthemum pulchellum
Salvia lamiifolia
Clary sage, Salvia sclarea
Garden sage, Salvia officinalis
Curtis British Entomology Plate 560
Royal Air Force - Avro Shackleton AEW.2 WR960 Dougal
Sage Air Advert
Etienne Henri De Blois
Charles V / Bouterwek
Pioneer in Trouble / 1895
Salvia nutans, nodding sage
Calceolaria integrifolia
Meadow clary or meadow sage, Salvia pratensis
Russell Sage
Russell Sage
Balthasar Sage
Mrs. Sage and Mr. Biggin
Mrs. Letitia Sage, first Englishwoman to ascend in a balloon
Georgiana Keate (1770-1850)
George Biggin, Letitia Sage and Vincenzo Lunardi
Salvia barrelieri, meadow clary
REMBRANDT, Harmenszoon van Rijn, called (1606-1669)

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