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Winston Churchill in Bristol, 1941
WW2 - Chef cooking in a bombed-out street - Blitz, London
Blitz in London -- Whitechapel Fire Station
LCC-LFB Warehouse fire, Butlers Wharf, Bermondsey
King and Queen inspecting bomb damage at Buckingham Palace
IRA bombing of the Houses of Parliament, Westminster
Cloth Hall on fire, Ypres, Belgium, WW1
Blitz in London -- pulling debris clear, WW2
Blitz in London -- Turnmill Street, Clerkenwell, WW2
Blitz in London -- Saffron Hill, WW2
Bomb damage in Sidney Street, East London, WW2
Blitz in London -- Greenwich fire station, WW2
Street fighting in Stalingrad
Collapse of the Campanile in St Marks Square, Venice, Italy
NFS (London Region) Pimlico V1 bombing attack, WW2
LFB and the Blitz - Queen Victoria Street
Blitz in London -- rescue workers in bombed street, WW2
Collapsed house in Swedenborg Square, Stepney
Ruins of the Reichstag, Berlin, Germany
Firefighters in action, Rosebery Avenue, WW2
Blitz in London -- Glengall Road, Peckham, WW2
Blitz in London -- sub-fire station, Finsbury, WW2
Construction of Menin Gate, Ypres, Belgium
Damascus, Syria - Ancient Walls (St. Pauls escape)
Playing a piano amid the destruction - The Blitz
Children Throw Bricks
Bomb damage in Plymouth
Salonika - damage after French attacks
WW1 - Chateau Caulaincourt destroyed - Passage over Somme
Ruins of Queens Hall, Langham Place, London, WW2
Blitz in London -- Lewisham High Street, WW2
Blitz in London -- firefighters in action with hose, WW2
Bomb damaged street during WW2
The ornate and beautiful Tower in the grounds of the Chateau Mennechet at Chiry-Ourscamp
Bomb damage, London, St Pauls Cathedral from Paternoster Row
WW2 Home Front - Bomb Damage in London - Savile Row
Dunkirk, France - aerial view, WW2
Old caravanserai at Nablus, Palestine, West Bank
Blitz in London -- bombing near the Monument
Blitz in London -- typical bomb site, WW2
Blitz in London -- Invicta Road, Westcombe Park, WW2
Blitz in London -- Vauxhall Bridge Road, WW2
Blitz in London -- bombed out pub, WW2
Blitz in City of London -- scene in Old Street, WW2
Blitz in London -- Kennington Park Road, WW2
Blitz in London -- ladders and rubble, WW2
Blitz in London -- Shoe Lane, WW2
Bomb damage in Jewin Street, City of London, WW2

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