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Rubber Gallery

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Titanic blueprint
A Variety of ladies boots 1926
Greetings from Akron, Ohio, USA
Congo / Cartoon / Punch / 1906
Woman Washing / 1930S
Young woman tapping a rubber tree, Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Ficus elastica, Indian rubber tree
Advertisement for Michelin bicycle tyres
Advert for Gorringes womens bathing costumes 1927
People on a bus, Lincoln to Olympia
Corner Shop, Snack Bar, Foyles Library, Walton, Essex
Fireboat tackling fire at Colonial Wharf, East London
Fishing Waders
The Micheline - a train on pneumatic tyres
Doing Laundry 1940S
Michelin Tyre Advert
Kids Fly Model Planes
Children on Beach 1 of 4
Russian soldier in gas mask, eastern front, Russia, WW1
Gorey Harbour, and Mont Orgueil Castle, Jersey, Channel Islands. Date: 1960s
Rubber Plantation - Malaysia - Overseer and Coolies
Fishing boat, Sweet Promise, St Ives harbour, Cornwall
Tabby cat and kitten in basket with hot water bottle
Goodyear GA-33 Inflatoplane
Farmer with horse and cart in a field
Music cover, Mozart Selected Sonatas and other Pieces
Children playing at the beach
Advert for Fortnum and Mason, mens shoes 1935
Fishing boat, Our Pride, on St Ives beach, Cornwall
Stationery, Fortnum & Mason Ltd, London
Cambridge Street India Rubber Works, Manchester, Lancashire
WW2 poster, Take Great Care of your Tyres - if 90% of the worlds rubber is in enemy
India-rubber plant, Ficus elastica
Telegram congratulations, new baby
Advert, The North British Rubber Co Ltd, Edinburgh
Advert, James Wotherspoon & Sons, Glasgow, Scotland
Rubber tree, Urceola elastica
Bungo fruit, mbungo or rubber vine, Saba comorensis
Para rubber tree or sharinga tree, Hevea brasiliensis
Tree cassava, Manihot carthaginensis subsp. glaziovii
Rubber fig tree, Ficus elastica
Panama rubber tree, Castilla elastica
Rubber tree and gum arabic tree
Rubber tree, Hevea guianensis
Title page, Electrical Fixtures, FS & Co Limited
Boy practising archery in a wood
Horse and cart in a field, Roseland, Cornwall
Adverts, North British Rubber Co, Redpath, Brown & Co

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