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Revers Collection

Background imageRevers Collection: Ice Skating Women 1899

Ice Skating Women 1899
Grey & white fur trim with wrap over jacket bodice, gored skirt decorated just below knee level. Blue costume with brown fur trim, red blouse, jacket with striped revers. Date: 1899

Background imageRevers Collection: Green Coat & Cane 1807

Green Coat & Cane 1807
Green double-breasted cut-away coat with stand-fall collar & revers, white waistcoat, cravat & silk stockings, pale grey breeches, black pumps, top hat & fob ribbon

Background imageRevers Collection: Woman in swimming costume in the sea with crab, 1913

Woman in swimming costume in the sea with crab, 1913
Woman in swimming costume up to her ankles in the sea on a beach holding a crab. Costume de bain. Handcoloured pochoir (stencil)

Background imageRevers Collection: Silver Evening Jacket

Silver Evening Jacket
A silver lame evening jacket with large, pointed, over- stitched revers, waistcoat basque & half-length sleeves with gathers at the shoulder. Date: 1930s

Background imageRevers Collection: French Costumes 1460-80

French Costumes 1460-80
Men: shallow caps with upturned brims, jackets with pleats & doublets. Women: gown with fur borders, V -neck with revers, kirtle, hood-like headdress, hood with liripipe. Date: 1460 - 1480

Background imageRevers Collection: SWITZERLAND. Geneva. Jorge Luis Borges tomb

SWITZERLAND. Geneva. Jorge Luis Borges tomb (revers), in the cemetery of Plainpalais. Sculpture

Background imageRevers Collection: Lilac & Black Dress 1870

Lilac & Black Dress 1870
Black & lilac polonaise: double-breased jacket bodice with revers, under-skirt with broad, single flounce. The over-skirt is arranged to produce an apron front

Background imageRevers Collection: Green Dress Early 1850S

Green Dress Early 1850S
Possibly evening dress: 3 scallop edged, embroidered flounces, stomacher corsage trimmed with bows in imitation of echelles & a square neckline. (possibly a Watteau body)

Background imageRevers Collection: Costume for April 1913

Costume for April 1913
Three effective spring womens clothing. (Left), wrap-around afternoon frock, black Liberty satin contrast is obtained with gold embroidered brocade of the blouse-jacket, finished with tassels

Background imageRevers Collection: Evening and day wear 1913

Evening and day wear 1913
Women models wearing fashionable clothing for evening and day wear. White heavy eveing gown in charmeuse with a short train; over beaded white tulle is diagonally draped

Background imageRevers Collection: Concert dress 1807

Concert dress 1807
Fashionable concert dress, lady wearing low neckline dress, a train petticoat of rich white Italian sarsnet, with an embroidery of grape vine and leaves in gold thread, fastened from behind

Background imageRevers Collection: Morning dress 1807

Morning dress 1807
Morning dress for ladies and gentlemen, Date: 1807

Background imageRevers Collection: Morning clothing for men 1807

Morning clothing for men 1807
Fashionable morning dress for a gentlemen. Date: 1807

Background imageRevers Collection: Coat with Chain Motif

Coat with Chain Motif
A stylish, 3/4 length coat with wrap-over front, large revers, self-coloured belt & padded applique chain motif running down the bodice. Worn with a brimless hat. Date: 1930s

Background imageRevers Collection: Cocktail Gown 1930S

Cocktail Gown 1930S
Gown by Lucien Lelong in black & red jersey with a heavily textured (possibly knitted) jacket with contrasting revers & cuffs. Worn with a belt & chinese style cap. Date: 1930s

Background imageRevers Collection: Travelling Costume 1899

Travelling Costume 1899
Full length double-breasted coat with patch pockets. Black seamless skirt & jacket bodice with short tails, simulated open front & revers. Both have puffed sleeves. Date: 1899

Background imageRevers Collection: Purple Ensemble 1899

Purple Ensemble 1899
Open bodice, velvet revers, cuffs & trim, tight sleeves with slight puff at shoulder, skirt with lace ruff collar & cravat, gored skirt with tablier trim, velvet belt. Date: 1899

Background imageRevers Collection: Costume / Lacourriere 90S

Costume / Lacourriere 90S
Green spotted tunic: wrap over bodice & fur trim over a high- necked black dress. Costume bodice: short basques, gigot sleeves, pockets, gored skirt, button detail, large revers. Date: 1890s

Background imageRevers Collection: Frilly Fashions 1892

Frilly Fashions 1892
Blue: yoke bodice, sleeves (3 vandyked flounces, pleated transparent flared cuffs). Brown: wrap-over coat bodice, frilled revers, gored skirt, gigot sleeves, broad belt. Date: 1892

Background imageRevers Collection: Autumn Dress 1899

Autumn Dress 1899
Grey & black dress: open bodice, embroidered revers with short cape, gored skirt with pleated panels contained to the knee with cords & buttons & flaring out below. 1899

Background imageRevers Collection: Striped Dress 1899

Striped Dress 1899
yellow & black vertically striped tunic dress ornamented with rows of tiny flounces on revers, cuffs, epaulettes, over-skirt & cravat. Worn with a blouse with horizontal tucks Date: 1899

Background imageRevers Collection: Park Wear 1898

Park Wear 1898
Narrow sleeves, slight puff at shoulder, d-b jacket bodice, pointed revers, border of machine stitching, scallop edge over-skirt with side split, 3/4 rounded cape. Date: 1898

Background imageRevers Collection: A fashionable tailor suit, 1914

A fashionable tailor suit, 1914
A fashionable tailor suit of pavement-grey whipcord. The skirt is pleated on a high corselet belt, thereby hanging in graceful folds, The coat is long-waisted, the basque full

Background imageRevers Collection: Sportswear 1933

Sportswear 1933
Fashionable golf clothing for men and women including plus- fours, knitted vest, a waistcoat with wide revers, diagonal check socks & co- respondent shoes. 1933

Background imageRevers Collection: Suede Jacket & Gloves

Suede Jacket & Gloves
Stylish double-breasted, belted, suede jacket with large pointed collar & revers & pocket flaps. Worn with matching gauntlets & clutch handbag. Date: 1930s

Background imageRevers Collection: Short-Sleeved Cardy 30S

Short-Sleeved Cardy 30S
Young platinum blonde wearing a Peter-pan collar & a short- sleeved hand-knitted cardigan with cuffs, deep angular revers & fastened with 3 rows of knitted buttons. Date: 1930s

Background imageRevers Collection: Brown Open Bodice 1899

Brown Open Bodice 1899
Open bodice with revers that extend beyond the waistline, tight sleeves pleated at the shoulder, gored tunic open to reveal an embroidered under- skirt & pouched blouse. Date: 1899

Background imageRevers Collection: Promenade Dress 1899

Promenade Dress 1899
Open jacket bodice, irregular shaped revers, high necked blouse, gored skirt trimmed with concentric narrow bands, puff at top of sleeves, profusely ornamented straw hat Date: 1899

Background imageRevers Collection: Long Trained Skirts 1875

Long Trained Skirts 1875
Dresses: cascading trains & jacket bodices (with revers & ruched sleeves or high collar, pointed basque & back-lacing like a corset) & over-skirts in plaid or floral prints

Background imageRevers Collection: Bathing costume, 1897

Bathing costume, 1897
Illustration of a bathing costume made of pale blue serge with white serge revers, waistband and knickerbockers, trimmed scallops of white mohair braid

Background imageRevers Collection: Stiebel / Nightdress

Stiebel / Nightdress
Fashion design by Victor Stiebel (1907-76) for a white chiffon night dress with small appliqued ecru lace bodice & full sun ray pleat skirt. Matching gown, quilted revers

Background imageRevers Collection: Seaside Costumes 1896

Seaside Costumes 1896
The year that signalled the demise of big sleeves? Puffed & gigot sleeves, wide square revers, epaulettes, high collars, pleated blouse, open bodice fastened with bands

Background imageRevers Collection: Red Costume 1878

Red Costume 1878
Two fabric costume: jacket bodice, high collar, revers & cut-away to reveal a waistcoat; narrow skirt, single flounce & a panel with buttons down the front

Background imageRevers Collection: Walking Dress ?1877

Walking Dress ?1877
A green jacket bodice worn open to reveal a waistcoat & worn with a double skirt - the trained under skirt and revers in a deeper shade. Eyelets & lacing are used as ornament

Background imageRevers Collection: Costume / Women&girl 1864

Costume / Women&girl 1864
Child: white dress, red plaid sash with floating ends. Grey: jet tablier trim, jacket with jet epaulettes. Purple & white: rotonde with tassels, black cord trim

Background imageRevers Collection: Fashions for Feb. 1861

Fashions for Feb. 1861
Green: wrap-over dress, Greek key border; grey & purple: d.b bodice, revers, ribbon centre & floating ends; blue plaid dress with braces, Swiss belt, habit-shirt & ankle boots

Background imageRevers Collection: Poppy Red for 1932

Poppy Red for 1932
A blue frock with openwork trimming and a poppy red jumper suit with a tweed collar to be worn with or without the tweed coat with large revers and boot-cuff sleeves

Background imageRevers Collection: Astrakhan Trimmed Suit

Astrakhan Trimmed Suit
Black Suit by Paquin of Paris. The jacket is lined in white visible on the collar & revers & is edged with astrakhan. Worn with a brimless hat with a pointed crown

Background imageRevers Collection: Tailor-Made with Fur

Tailor-Made with Fur
A tailor-made in black wool with a short, doubled breasted jacket with astrakhan revers, epaulettes & trimming at the jacket borders. Worn with a hat tied on with a large bow

Background imageRevers Collection: French Court 1428

French Court 1428
Charles VII & courtiers: long houppelandes (gowns) with contrasting revers (one has hanging sleeves), an ermine trimmed huke & cape. They wear small close-fitting hats

Background imageRevers Collection: English Headdresses C15

English Headdresses C15
Tournament spectators: their gowns have deep V -necklines & revers, narrow sleeves & fur cuffs. Headdresses: truncated cone, butterfly, V shaped roll, veils, cap with liripipe

Background imageRevers Collection: Shopping Fashions 1850S

Shopping Fashions 1850S
Red mantle with revers, pagoda sleeves & tassels, blue dress with black trim. Black pardessus, white waistcoat, floral print skirt & a habit- shirt with bishop sleeves

Background imageRevers Collection: Costume Parisiens 2622

Costume Parisiens 2622
Hair: Grecian style ornamented with red bandelettes. Gown: embroidered band of detail at knee level, corsage uni with horizontal revers, cleft on the shoulders

Background imageRevers Collection: Ball Dress for 1830

Ball Dress for 1830
Gauze gowns with Greek designs. Horizontal revers forming mancherons on the shoulders. Gigot over-sleeves & reversed points at the cuff. Short skirt & boots

Background imageRevers Collection: Costume / Sisters C. 1870

Costume / Sisters C. 1870
Girls: short, plain skirts & a casaque (body & upper-skirt in one) with velvet collar, revers, patch pockets & cuffs, bows at the neck, earrings & tyrolese hats with feathers

Background imageRevers Collection: Ladies Sewing / 1850S

Ladies Sewing / 1850S
Open bodices with or without revers worn with chemisettes (with buttoned front, broderie Anglaise, volans), pagoda sleeves, various styles of engageantes & lace caps

Background imageRevers Collection: Overcoat 1810

Overcoat 1810
Green overcoat with velvet revers, M-cut collar, turned back cuffs that cover the knuckles, fastening with buttons & tabs piped in gold & black hessian boots

Background imageRevers Collection: Trouser Suit 1939

Trouser Suit 1939
Madeleine de Rauch design: masculine cut trouser suit in striped linen with broad padded shoulders, deep revers & wide leg trousers with turn- ups (cuffs) & loafer shoes

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