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Resists Collection

Background imageResists Collection: Bandit / Shot / France / 1891

Bandit / Shot / France / 1891
Ex-con Boissin, resists arrest & is shot by the gendarmes

Background imageResists Collection: ANTONY OF EGYPT, HERMIT

When Antony's parents die, he gives away his worldly goods and becomes a hermit in the desert near his home, where he is assailed by temptations but resists them all. Date: 251 - 356

Background imageResists Collection: Purcells opera King Arthur at Drury Lane Theatre, London

Purcells opera King Arthur at Drury Lane Theatre, London
Purcells opera King Arthur on stage at Drury Lane Theatre, London. This is the scene where Arthur is tempted by two nymphs or sirens bathing in a stream, but resists the temptation

Background imageResists Collection: Heat-resistant asbestos

Heat-resistant asbestos
A photograph taken for a commercial client, demonstrating the heat-resisting properties of Asbestos, long before the modern dangers of the material were recognised. Photograph by Heinz Zinram

Background imageResists Collection: Aint Got No Time

Aint Got No Time
A workmans wife resists an invitation to join the Cause and change the laws of the land - Ain t got no time, mum

Background imageResists Collection: Montenegro Revolt

Montenegro Revolt
Insurrection of Montenegro against Ottoman rule : Lukas Vukolowich, patriot leader, resists the Turkish invasion as best he can, and a treaty imposes compromise terms

Background imageResists Collection: Thetis Taken by Surprise

Thetis Taken by Surprise
Though wed to Peleus, the naiad resists his embraces, turning herself into a tree etc : but one day he finds her sleeping, seizes the chance, makes her mother of Achilles

Background imageResists Collection: Fable / Oak & Willow

Fable / Oak & Willow
THE OAK & THE WILLOW The willow bends under the weight of the wind, while the oak tree resists and is uprooted

Background imageResists Collection: Fighting for a Bridge

Fighting for a Bridge
As the Germans advance into Russia, the Red Army resists them every step of the way : the Germans take this bridge, but only after dealing with fierce opposition

Background imageResists Collection: The Obstinate Tsar

The Obstinate Tsar
Tsar Alexander II resists demands for constitutional rule. A nihilist bomb in 1881 will give him reason to regret it

Background imageResists Collection: Battle of Busaco

Battle of Busaco
At BUSACO, Wellington with 25000 men resists successive attacks by the French under Massena with 65000 - a crucial victory

Background imageResists Collection: Joseph & Potiphars Wife

Joseph & Potiphars Wife
He is lusted after by the wife of Potiphar - unsurprisingly, since her husband is the Chief Eunuch to the Pharaoh : however Joseph wisely resists her friendly offer

Background imageResists Collection: Louis XIV and Genoa

Louis XIV and Genoa
The Genoese republic resists Louis claim to their territ ory, but the treaty of Ratis bon lets him have it, so the Doge comes to Versailles to apologise for his disrespect

Background imageResists Collection: Saint at Sabbat

Saint at Sabbat
Saint James (the Elder) resists the diabolical delights of the Sabbat

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