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Request Gallery

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Twelve Tables of Rome drawn up
Leith Hill Tower
Witch of Endor (Rosa)
England / Milton Abbas
Pheidippides Runs
Parable of Neighbour
Invitation to Dinner - Harold Macmillan to Ninette de Valois
WWI Poster, letter from King George V
Comic postcard, Two women listen to radio - Housewives Choice Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Piglets at lunchtime Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Boy lets out a secret Date: early 20th century
Columbus at Venice
Song, The Reasonable Request
Esther in front of the king of Egypt for request in favor of
Meeting held on May 1890 in Barcelona. The civil governor gr
Shield tile. Castro Verde. Portugal
Caricature of G A Sala, English journalist
General Strrike 1926: Request for lift
Sterne Ltr to Garrick
WW2 poster, King Georges Fund for Sailors
WW2 poster, Books are needed now
WWI Poster, letter from King George V (Welsh version)
Cartoon story, An Attempt on Antwerp, WW1
Romantic request slip
French encouraged to pour their gold into French WW1 effort
Little girl approaching pub bar to ask for Brandy
Labourer aghast at the cost of his young sons education
Phil May receives a caricature request - duly granted
Cheeky London vagrant asks a smart lady for a kiss
Drunken Gentleman requesting a clove off a Policeman
Tramp asks a horrified lady for a hairpin to clean his pipe
Irony - fat Londoner begs for money for his starving family
The last request
Lady in the Bath - Provocative
Two men on a street
Bus request stop / W H Robinson
There was an old man with a gong
Refugee accommodation request WWII
The Funeral of Lord Palmerston, 1865
Bishop Abdicates
Class Distinctions / Coal
Tale / the Goose Girl
Sophie Charlotte 1867
Froissart / Vessels / Africa
Moses and Pharaoh
Russia / 862 / Rurik Arrives
Mozart Requiem Request

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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