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Augustus Prima Porta. Vatican Museums
Romanesque Art. France. 12th century. Moissac Abbey. Tympanu
Etruscan. Cineray urn on podium. Chamber tomb of the Pruni f
Bas relief from the Anzac Memorial - Sydney, Australia
Orpheus playing his lyre. Relief from Thessaloniki. Greece
Indonesian Dancer
Parthenon. Part of the central section of the east frieze. B
Pergamon Altar. West frieze. Gigantomachy. Triton and Amphit
Sarcophagus of a married couple. About 240 AD. Ancient Rome
Relief depicting a hand with an ankh or crux ansata. Egypt
France. Amiens. Cathedral of Our Lady
Monteith or jardiniere with Acanthus foliage reliefs
Athens, Greece - Relief sculptures - Theatre of Dionysus
The Mausoleum - St-Remy-de-Provence, France
Stele depicting offerers. Egypt
Parthenon. East side. 447-432BC. Greek Classical period. God
South Frieze of the Parthenon. The Acropolis, Athens, Greece
Parthenon. Elgin Marbles. Cavalcade. South Frieze
Pre-Columbian art. Lintel 15 from Yaxchilan, Late Classic Ma
Greek art. Siphnish Treasury. Frieze sculpture. Ionic style
Spain. Barcelona. Porxos d en Xifr?. Detail reliefs
Temple of Ramses III. Winged sun relief as a symbol of prote
Winged sun with uraeus and royal cartridges of Ramesses III
Relief depicting Hatshepsut and hieroglyph on the walls. Tem
Relief depicting Sekhmet, goddess of war
Byzantine relief decorated with crosses. Marble slab. Greece
Borobudur Temple. 9th c. INDONESIA. Borobudur. Reliefs
The commemorative stelae of Nahr el-Lebanon, near Beirut
The Nineveh Room at the British Museum. Date: 1853
Three vases showing reliefs
Teapots, cream jugs and sucrier
Etruscan vase, vase on pedestal and pillar-form vase
Vases with reliefs
Vase with reliefs of the nine Muses and Apollo
Teapots with cup and saucer
Vases in various shapes
Three vases in different forms
The Borghese Vase or the Campana Vase
Vase with reliefs of the nine Muses, nymphs
Vase with classical reliefs by John Flaxman
Garland sarcophagus. Marble. Tel Mevorah
Marble votive relief dedicated to the goddess Totoes in the
Decorative relief carved in marble with Dionysius and Silenu
Funerary stele with inscription. Egypt
Stele with a hymn to Amun. Detail of hieroglyphic writing. E
Stele with a hymn to Amun. Egypt
Egyptian art. Stele with inscriptions
Parthenon. East frieze. Girls walking in procession with jug

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