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Quiver Gallery

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Judi Trott as Maid Marion
Medieval Archer
Misfitz - Robin Hood
Medieval men playing the archery game of Popinjay
Elizabeth Fry (Quiver)
Roman army. Armors and weaponry. Colored engraving
Costumes of Virginia: a warrior and Powhatan
Burkina Faso - Bobo Dioulasso Region - Man and Woman
Man and woman of Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, Polynesia
Man and woman of the Land of Natal, South Africa, 1818
Man and woman of Congo, Africa, 1818
Man and woman of Tunis, Algiers or Tripoli, 1818
Man and woman of Cochin China (Vietnam) 1818
A floating bamboo bridge over the Senegal River
Man weaving cotton on a loom, Senegambia, 18th century
Decorated sides and back of house altar, German
Jewelry cockade and flexible rings designed by Morgan
Saxon archers with bow, arrows and quiver, 8th century
Women in hunting dresses, with bow and hunting
Medieval ladies hunting with bow and arrow
Boys firing arrows at a target in an archery
Parthian and Dacian weapons and armour
Greek breastplate and weapons
Statue of an Amazon female warrior by Phidias
Statue of Roma, goddess of the city of Rome
Asiatic armour and weapons
Warriors in breastplates from Ombai (Ombay)
Costumes of Kyrgyz men and woman
Human sacrifice in a sacred marae, Tahiti
Ancient Chinese military uniforms and weapons
Chinese cavalry
Chinese soldier in complete uniform
Chinese mandarins in military uniform
Chinese wooden war chariot pulled by four horses
Ancient Chinese weapons and war engines
Inuit family, and man in kayak in front of igloo and teepee
Lengua or Juiadge people of Paraguay
Weapons of the Malagasy people of Madagascar
Arms and armour of the Mamluks
Arms and armour of the ancient Egyptians
Weapons and musical instruments of the Gold Coast natives
Chinese weapons or implements of war, Qing Dynasty
Chinese toy seller and boy riding a pasteboard
Odysseus presenting his wife Penelope with his bow
A deity (Apollo?) with halo and bow leans against a pillar
The Merchant of Hearts
Cover design, Girl and Cupid by Herbert Pizer
Cupids on a romantic card by Robert Dudley

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Housewares, Mounted, Metal...

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