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Puppy Gallery

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Two Scamps / Cecil Aldin
A young Police Dog
Jewish Children, East End of London
Dalmatian Puppy Aldin
His Masters Vice by George Studdy
Say when - David Duggins
Studdy - Three newborn puppies slowly open their eyes
Wheelwrights making cart wheels
Puppy and Golliwog
Paddy-Paws the Puppy
His Broadcast Masters Voice by George Studdy
My Mistake by George Studdy
Susi - wearing a party hat
Jemima! Drawn by Cecil Aldin
Heres How by Cecil Aldin
Illustrations of a Sealyham terrier puppy by Cecil Aldin
Illustration, Peter, the fox terrier, discovers a fox
Mongrel puppy tempted by his masters shoes
Taff, a puppy, by Muriel Dawson
Hard lines on the hard court by George Studdy
Cavalier King Charles spaniel at the piano
Susi - with girl, mixing bowl and kitten
Poster, Jersey Airways
Two Horses in the stable with puppies
Atmospheric country scene - seated children with dog
Two bloodhounds
Tabby kitten and terrier puppy
Susi - at the piano
Illustration by Cecil Aldin, Stories from Puppyland
Illustration by Cecil Aldin, puppy lying down
Susi - with bathroom scales
White bulldog puppy with poultry
Frontispiece illustration, Peter, the fox terrier
Spratts Dog Biscuits Ad
Twin puppy emerging from river
Dog and Cat Reading
Dirty Dog on Bed 1909
Alice & Puppy
Alice & Puppy
WW2 - US Troops comfort a distressed child and puppy
Illustration, Peter, the fox terrier, in the stables
Travelling Dog Fancier: 'Do either of you two want a cheerful companion for the winter
Five Puppies under a tree by Maruyama Okyo
Susi - with boy reading Mickey Mouse book
Susi - with her best friend at the seaside
Susi - as a young puppy
Susi - ruining Mums stockings
Susi - with basket and cats bowl
Bonzo takes the fly by George Studdy

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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