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Puck Collection

Background imagePuck Collection: Opening of the Panama Canal

Opening of the Panama Canal. Illustration shows a variety of boats and ships as balloon aircraft loaded with tourists and travelers floating above the Panama Canal; it is suggested that the age of

Background imagePuck Collection: Kiplings terrible nightmare

Kiplings terrible nightmare. Illustration shows Rudyard Kipling sitting up in his bed, pulling the covers up for protection

Background imagePuck Collection: The crown prince

The crown prince. Illustration shows President Theodore Roosevelt, wearing royal robes, holding on his shoulders and presenting a diminutive William H. Taft wearing a crown

Background imagePuck Collection: Terrible Teddy waits for the unknown

Terrible Teddy waits for the unknown. Illustration shows President Theodore Roosevelt as a boxer sitting on a stool with his arms resting on the ropes in the near corner of a boxing ring

Background imagePuck Collection: A dangerous brew

A dangerous brew. Illustration shows John Mitchell and Samuel Gompers, representing the United Mine Workers and the American Federation of Labor

Background imagePuck Collection: Farewell performance by Robbin Hood and his merry men

Farewell performance by Robbin Hood and his merry men. Illustration shows the cast of a theatrical production Robbin Hood and his Merry Men on stage for the final song of the production, shown are

Background imagePuck Collection: The fleet protects the nation - Prudential Life Insurance pr

The fleet protects the nation - Prudential Life Insurance protects the home. Illustration shows a fleet of steam-powered warships sailing past the Rock of Gibraltar labeled The Prudential has

Background imagePuck Collection: Young Americas dilemma

Young Americas dilemma. Illustration shows a schoolboy standing outside a Public School; on the left is Charles M. Schwab sitting atop a large money bag labeled Manager of Steel Trust $1, 000

Background imagePuck Collection: Uncle Toms cabin - as it will have to be played if Johnson

Uncle Toms cabin - as it will have to be played if Johnson wins. Illustration shows in a theatrical production of Uncle Toms Cabin, heavyweight champion boxer Jack Johnson standing over Simon Legree

Background imagePuck Collection: Due process of law

Due process of law. Illustration shows Justice, wearing a crown labeled Law and carrying a sword and scales, riding on the back of a snail

Background imagePuck Collection: The Russian cross-roads

The Russian cross-roads. Illustration shows a diminutive Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia, wearing a fur robe, courting Medusa who is hiding behind the mask of a beautiful young woman; on the left

Background imagePuck Collection: Her reflection

Her reflection. Illustration shows a young couple standing near a mirror, as the young man declares his love for her, she gazes on her reflection in the mirror

Background imagePuck Collection: The ex-scarecrow of Europe

The ex-scarecrow of Europe. Illustration shows the Russian Bear as a soldier with rifle turned into a scarecrow labeled Russia; a crow labeled Japan bites its nose

Background imagePuck Collection: Why not go the limit?

Why not go the limit?. Illustration shows many women in the Mrs. PJ Gilligan bar smoking and drinking at their leisure. Date 1908 March 18. Why not go the limit?

Background imagePuck Collection: Easter Puck

Easter Puck. Illustration shows Puck wearing the bright red outfit of a musketeer, walking between two rabbits who are each carrying an Easter egg; a tonsured monk, reading a book

Background imagePuck Collection: Puck and Titania

Puck and Titania
Scene from A Midsummer Nights Dream (Sommernachtstraum) depicting Puck sprinkling fairy dust on Titania.(German) Date: 1900

Background imagePuck Collection: The woman behind the gun

The woman behind the gun. Illustration shows a woman, possibly Coco Chanel, wearing a large hat with feathers, shooting at large white birds with a rifle; two dogs labeled French Milliner place

Background imagePuck Collection: Put me off at Buffalo

Put me off at Buffalo!. Illustration shows passengers, in a railroad sleeping car, telling the porter to make sure to put them off at Buffalo so they can visit the Pan-American Exposition

Background imagePuck Collection: A troublesome egg to hatch

A troublesome egg to hatch. Illustration shows the rulers of Russia, Germany, Italy, Austria, France, and England, as chickens trying to hatch a large egg labeled China

Background imagePuck Collection: The yellow peril

The yellow peril. Illustration shows at center a man representing Russia, holding a cat-o -nine tails labeled Russia with the lashes labeled Absolutism, Persecution, and Tyranny, next to him

Background imagePuck Collection: Exposed to the worlds contempt

Exposed to the worlds contempt. Illustration shows a larger-than-life Spirit of Civilization pointing with contempt to a man on a pedestal labeled Russia; standing around the pedestal are John Bull

Background imagePuck Collection: Scene from Shakespeares Midsummer Nights Dream

Scene from Shakespeares Midsummer Nights Dream
A scene from Shakespeares comedy, A Midsummer Nights Dream (Act II, Scene ii), in which Puck drops a love potion into the sleeping Titanias eyes

Background imagePuck Collection: The meat market

The meat market. Illustration shows a butcher labeled The Beef Trust standing behind a counter in a butcher shop, around him are meat products labeled Potted Poison, Chemical Corn Beef

Background imagePuck Collection: Columbias Easter bonnet

Columbias Easter bonnet. Illustration shows Columbia adjusting her bonnet, which is a battleship labeled World Power with two guns labeled Army

Background imagePuck Collection: The dreaded guest

The dreaded guest. Illustration shows William II, emperor of Germany, standing in the middle of a narrow cobblestone street, possibly in Italy (the pope, wearing the papal crown)

Background imagePuck Collection: Lockheed DL-1A Vega G-ABGK Puck at Mildenhall

Lockheed DL-1A Vega G-ABGK Puck at Mildenhall
Lockheed DL-1A Vega, G-ABGK, Puck, at Mildenhall prior to the MacRobertson England to Australia race

Background imagePuck Collection: A dangerous firecracker

A dangerous firecracker. Illustration shows the rulers of Germany, France, Austria, Japan, and John Bull, representing England

Background imagePuck Collection: Puck Thanksgiving 1907

Puck Thanksgiving 1907. Illustration shows Theodore Roosevelt about to chop the head off a turkey labeled Flim-Flam Finance on the chopping block, the feathers are labeled Worthless Collateral

Background imagePuck Collection: Jack and the Wall Street giants

Jack and the Wall Street giants. Illustration shows a diminutive President Theodore Roosevelt standing on Wall Street, holding a large sword labeled Public Service before giant capitalist ogres

Background imagePuck Collection: The touring car of the future

The touring car of the future. Illustration shows a huge triple-decker touring vehicle with Dining Hall, Kitchen, Servants Hall, High Finance and Recuperation Apartment, State Rooms

Background imagePuck Collection: Solitaire

Solitaire. Illustration shows the Republican elephant labeled GOP. sitting on a stool with the US Capitol and the White House within view

Background imagePuck Collection: The awakening

The awakening. Illustration shows a torch-bearing female labeled Votes for Women, symbolizing the awakening of the nations women to the desire for suffrage, striding across the western states

Background imagePuck Collection: Or bust

Or bust. Illustration shows a large bull labeled Lincoln with the head of Abraham Lincoln, standing among the reeds of a swamp where a puffed-up frog labeled Roosevelt is standing on a piece of

Background imagePuck Collection: Henry V. up to date

Henry V. up to date. Illustration shows a battle scene at a breach in the Tariff Wall with Trusts, Monopoly, and Stand Pat forces being led by a king labeled American Protective Tariff League

Background imagePuck Collection: Puck (Fuseli)

Puck (Fuseli)
Puck, a sprite (in Shakespeares Midsummer nights dream)

Background imagePuck Collection: The sands of time

The sands of time. Illustration shows Mars, the Roman god of war, waiting for the establishment of protocols and the Japanese occupation of Korea to be completed before the sands in an hourglass

Background imagePuck Collection: A misunderstanding

A misunderstanding. Illustration showing the British Lion, wearing a military uniform, aghast by the tattered look of a female figure labeled Peace, her clothing torn, head and left arm bandaged

Background imagePuck Collection: Robinson Crusoe Fairbanks

Robinson Crusoe Fairbanks. Illustration shows Charles W. Fairbanks as Robinson Crusoe sitting on a rock labeled Vice-Presidency on the shore of a vast sea. Date 1906 January 3

Background imagePuck Collection: The official scapegoat

The official scapegoat. Illustration shows an unidentified man sitting in a chair in a cell at Sing Sing Prison, he has changed out of his prison uniform, into a business suit

Background imagePuck Collection: A lesson in perspective

A lesson in perspective. Illustration shows a perspective view with the Eye of the Law at the vanishing point where the little ones shield the more important figures in the foreground; from small to

Background imagePuck Collection: By the grace of Justice

By the grace of Justice. Illustration shows Samuel Parks, recently released from prison on extortion charges, still wearing his prison stripes

Background imagePuck Collection: The return of the dove to the ark

The return of the dove to the ark. Illustration shows an ark labeled Democratic Principles aground in the receding waters of the flood near a landscape labeled Republican Power; the ark is full of

Background imagePuck Collection: The grim commander

The grim commander. Illustration shows the Grim Reaper dressed as a steamboat captain, holding a scythe and directing crowds of people on an Annual Sunday School Excursion through the entrance to

Background imagePuck Collection: The old salt salutes

The old salt salutes. Illustration shows Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, saluting a Japanese admiral on a gunboat, in the background are the ruins of a Russian naval fleet. Date 1904 March 2

Background imagePuck Collection: Putting the screws on him

Putting the screws on him

Background imagePuck Collection: Time

Time!. Illustration shows President Theodore Roosevelt and Alton B. Parker as boxers in a boxing ring, shaking hands before the start of the match; Uncle Sam, as the referee

Background imagePuck Collection: The political Janus

The political Janus

Background imagePuck Collection: Cubas choice

Cubas choice. Illustration shows a young woman wearing a hat labeled Cuba, standing, with her arms crossed, trying to decide which of three paths to choose; the first path

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