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Profusely Collection

Background imageProfusely Collection: COSTUME FOR 1815-1820

COSTUME FOR 1815-1820
French & German dress 1815-20 according to a later source: cut-away coat & white trousers, pelisse with mancherons & dresses with profusely trimmed hemlines

Background imageProfusely Collection: White Star Line, Royal & US Mail Steamers, brochure

White Star Line, Royal & US Mail Steamers, brochure
White Star Line, Royal & United States Mail Steamers, soft cover brochure, covering all three classes of services at the height of the transatlantic immigrant trade

Background imageProfusely Collection: White Star Line, RMS Olympic, cover design

White Star Line, RMS Olympic, cover design, red hardbound promotional volume profusely illustrated with photos of passenger accommodation and facilities, First and Second Class

Background imageProfusely Collection: MATADOR COSTUME

Actress Letty Linn wearing a matador style costume complete with a hat profusely ornamented with taseels, braid & pom-pons. Date: circa 1908

Background imageProfusely Collection: German Prince & Princess

German Prince & Princess
German Prince and Princess of the early 16th century. He wears full armour - the helmet is profusely ornamented with ostrich plumes. Date: circa 1515

Background imageProfusely Collection: Costume / Women / 1826

Costume / Women / 1826
Front & back views of dress with gigot sleeves, skirt ornamented with tucks, plus a canezou-pelerine & belt. Hat trimmed profusely with wheat ears, flowers & bows. Date: circa 1826

Background imageProfusely Collection: Humorous picture showing a Chinese man, kneeling, speaking t

Humorous picture showing a Chinese man, kneeling, speaking to a woman sitting on a sofa, crying profusely. Date 1895

Background imageProfusely Collection: Promenade Dress 1899

Promenade Dress 1899
Open jacket bodice, irregular shaped revers, high necked blouse, gored skirt trimmed with concentric narrow bands, puff at top of sleeves, profusely ornamented straw hat Date: 1899

Background imageProfusely Collection: Sequin Restaurant Gown

Sequin Restaurant Gown
A decollete restaurant gown profusely ornamented with sequins, with short puffed sleeves, Swiss belt, floral corsage & bell shaped trained skirt. N.B hat

Background imageProfusely Collection: Monstrosities of 1819-20

Monstrosities of 1819-20
A satire on fashion. Amongst the styles mocked are cossack trousers, pinched male waists, high stand-fall collars, the Nelson bustle, huge headgear & profusely adorned hemlines

Background imageProfusely Collection: Fantastic Floral Hat

Fantastic Floral Hat
A young lady managing to keep a straight face while wearing a ludicrously large plaited straw hat profusely trimmed with flowers & bows & tied on like a bonnet with a ribbon

Background imageProfusely Collection: Pearl Trimmed Dress 1910

Pearl Trimmed Dress 1910
Empire revival gown in white silk voile with a high waist, square corsage, cap sleeves & a narrow trained skirt is profusely ornamented with pearls & beads

Background imageProfusely Collection: Morning Dress 1823

Morning Dress 1823
Morning Dress in blue-grey with lace cuffs & collar & a self-coloured, leaf motif decoration. The bonnet on the table is profusely decorated with lace, berries & leaves. Date: 1823

Background imageProfusely Collection: Alexandra Arrives 1863

Alexandra Arrives 1863
Princess Alexandra arrives at Gravesend from Denmark, for her marriage to Edward Prince of Wales : rose petals are profusely scattered to welcome her

Background imageProfusely Collection: Tobacco Satire 1630

Tobacco Satire 1630
Three elegant chaps sit smoking around a table, as a man in the garb of a jester vomits profusely

Background imageProfusely Collection: Gabrielle Ray in Hat

Gabrielle Ray in Hat
Actress Gabrielle Ray wears a large hat with an irregular brim, the underside of which is visible & is profusely ornamented with roses & ribbon in a lattice design

Background imageProfusely Collection: Hat Styles for 1787

Hat Styles for 1787
Hats profusely ornamented with feathers, bows, ribbons & flowers. Stripes are very much in vogue. Some have broad flat brims, others have a brim that tapers outwards & downwards

Background imageProfusely Collection: Paris Evening Gown 1904

Paris Evening Gown 1904
Pretty Paris gown created with layers of sheer fabric profusely ornamented with ribbon & three-dimensional flowers. The pointed sash emphasizes the tiny waist

Background imageProfusely Collection: Embroidery & Fur Coat

Embroidery & Fur Coat
A design by Raphael: A full length evening coat in white satin profusely embroidered with sequins & with a fur roll collar & sleeves

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