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Preferred Collection

Background imagePreferred Collection: A Fish Auction in Columbia Market

A Fish Auction in Columbia Market
In 1869 Baroness Burdett-Coutts paid for the building of the great Columbia Market (for fish) between Hackney and Bethnal Green Roads on the site of Nova Scotia Gardens

Background imagePreferred Collection: Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos of Greece

Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos of Greece
Venizelos, seen at his desk, brought Greece into the war on the side of the Allies though King Constantine, whose wife was German, would have preferred to have remained neutral. WW1 Date: 1914

Background imagePreferred Collection: William Buckley

William Buckley
WILLIAM BUCKLEY, sent to Australia as a convict, who preferred to live with the aboriginals, becoming known as The Wild White Man

Background imagePreferred Collection: Lady Almeria Carpenter

Lady Almeria Carpenter
Lady ALMERIA CARPENTER Daughter of George, earl of Tyrconnell : for all her beauty she died unmarried, but perhaps she preferred it that way. Date: ? - 1809

Background imagePreferred Collection: Polly Preferred by Guy Bolton

Polly Preferred by Guy Bolton
Promotional postcard for Polly Preferred by Guy Bolton (Little Theatre, New York, 13th January 1923). First produced in England at the Royalty Theatre, 5th April 1924

Background imagePreferred Collection: Anna Schonemann

Anna Schonemann
ANNA ELISABETH LILI SCHONEMANN one of many females beloved by Goethe, but she preferred to marry the banker von Durckheim Date: 1799 - 1868

Background imagePreferred Collection: Domenica Morghen

Domenica Morghen
DOMENICA VOLPATO MORGHEN Daughter of the Italian engraver Giovanni Volpato, betrothed to Antonio Canova but she preferred - and wed - Raffaele Morghen. Date: CIRCA 1780

Background imagePreferred Collection: Theodose Comte Moncel

Theodose Comte Moncel
THEODOSE ACHILLE LOUIS, comte du MONCEL French aristocrat who preferred science to farming and did important work in electricity and the telegraph. Date: 1821 - 1884

Background imagePreferred Collection: Buddha - Pegu

Buddha - Pegu - Strong Siamese influences of Pegu Buddha, being the starting point for endless raids against Siam. The armies, after meditation at the Shwemedaw

Background imagePreferred Collection: Sully Prudhomme Photo

Sully Prudhomme Photo
RENE-FRANCOIS-ARMAND SULLY- PRUDHOMME French engineer at the Creusot works who preferred poetry, photographed in 1905 when he was old and inform. Date: 1839 - 1907

Background imagePreferred Collection: Saint Petronilla

Saint Petronilla
SAINT PETRONILLA Roman martyr, sometimes supposed to be the daughter of St Peter : she was martyred when she preferred virginity to an aristocratic marriage

Background imagePreferred Collection: On Biarritz Beach

On Biarritz Beach
A family stroll on the beach. Everyone, except papa and little Marie-Cecile, are wearing stockings by MONDIA, preferred by all smart and practical women

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