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Poison Gallery

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Labour Party election posters and television speakers
The Punishment of Loki
Making Poison Gas / 1925
Snow morel, Gyromitra gigas, and hooded false
Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine and Rosamund Clifford
Half-free morel, Morchella semi-libera, Mitrophora
Cauliflower coral mushroom, Ramaria botrytis, edible
Egyptian Cobra
Fools parsley, hemlock and northern water hemlock
Cover of Police Mag.1933
Coral Snake
Coral Snake
Sophonisba taking poison to avoid humiliation by Rome
False chanterelle, Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca, dubious
Honey mushroom, Armillaria mellea, Agaricus melleus, edible
Poison tanghin or ordeal tree, Tanghinia venenifera
Matron Instructs Nurse
Deadly nightshade and black nightshade
Victorian Wallpaper - in popular emerald green - which contained poisonous arsenic
Food adulteration, 1845
Chinese gas mask
Painted coral snake, Micrurus corallinus
May apple, mandrake or wild lemon, Podophyllum peltatum
Japanese star anise or shikimi, Illicium anisatum
Bombina bombina, european fire-bellied toad
Planers and Mud Lamprey, Borer and Lancelet
Hygroscopic earthstar, Geastrum hygrometricum
Morel mushrooms: Morchella lutescens, Morchella
Hedgehog mushroom, Hydnum repandum, and scaly
Red-capped scaber stalk, Leccinum aurantiacum, edible
Yellow-gilled russula, Russula alutacea, edible
Poison ivy, Toxicodendron radicans
Eugene Turpin, inventor of turpinite, WW1
Six American soldiers caught in gas attack, WW1
Comic postcard, Little boy and barman Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Two men drinking in a pub
Italian maple, Acer opalus
Asian blue forest scorpion and Italian scorpion
Shaggy gastrolobe or crinkle-leaved poison
Red hempnettle, Galeopsis ladanum
Common or garden nightshade, Solanum nigrum
Sheathed woodtuft and rooting poison pie
Emperor scorpion, Pandinus imperator
Pinktoe tarantula and trapdoor spider nest
Cascabel rattlesnake and desert horned viper
Monkshood or Aconitum species
Poison gooseberry, Withania somnifera
Strophanthus gratus
Poison arrow plant, Acokanthera oppositifolia

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