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Pietro Gallery

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Queen Elizabeth II by Pietro Annigoni in the ILN
Fra Angelico (1387-1455). The Coronation of the Virgin
Tatler Royal Wedding Souvenir Number, 1960
Nearco after winning Grand Prix de Paris
Pietro Annigoni
LORENZETTI, Pietro (1280-1348). Entry of Christ
San Pietro in Montorio. The Tempietto built by Donato Braman
Moses by Michaelangelo
Ancient Roman armour and weapons
Statue of the Egyptian god Anubis (or Hermanubis)
PALLADIO, Andrea di Pietro dalla Gondola, called
Unknown philosopher, believed to be Zeno of
Ancient Roman shoes and sandals
Ancient Roman and Greek shoes
St.Peters / Vatican / Rome
Plan and elevations of the Arch of Constantine, Rome
Statue of the Roman goddess Abundantia with cornucopia
Euterpe, muse of music and lyric poetry, holding a flute
Italy. Rome. The Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola at Campus
Emblem of Reverend Fabric of Saint Peter (Fabbrica di San Pi
Pietro Perugino (1446 / 1450A?i?1523). Italian Renaissance pa
Moses. 1513-1515. Statue by Michelangelo (1475-1564). Marble
Basilica of Saint Peter (St Peters Basilica). Vaticano
Moses of Michelangelo
Pietro Signorelli
Church of San Pietro, Ischia, Italy
St Peters Square, Vatican, Rome, Italy
The Battle of Maida, San Pietro di Maida, Calabria, southern Italy, 4 July 1806
Womens headdresses from the mid-15th century
Boniface III of Tuscany, Matilda of Canossa, Pietro
Large marble mosaic discovered in Pompeii, October 24, 1801
Courtyard of the Archepiscopal Seminary of Milan, 1570
Fresco of the Mass of St. Michael, Monza, Italy
Side of the altar in the Basilica di Sant Ambrogio, Milan
Facade of St. Marks Basilica, Venice, 1823
Ancient wall mosaics with portraits of saints and martyrs
Cross-section and plan of St. Peters Basilica, Rome
Wall painting from the necropolis at Tarquinia
Roman wedding ceremony
Roman suovetaurilia or suovitaurilia sacrifice ceremony
Roman legionaries with ballista during a siege
Mascagni at the London Hippodrome
Ancient Egyptian chair or throne
Vase, altar and utensil
Egyptian religious monuments
Ancient Roman shelf
Ancient Egyptian and other heads
Roman bireme and boat

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