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Pierced Collection (#2)

Background imagePierced Collection: Burmese man with cheroot (cigar)

Burmese man with cheroot (cigar).. handcolored copperplate engraving by an unknown artist from Asiatic Costumes, Ackermann, London, 1828

Background imagePierced Collection: India - A Hill-girl, Himalayas

India - A Hill-girl, Himalayas
Black and white. Young Indian girl sitting on a tree trunk. She is wearing a decorated head wrap and striped trousers, and has a pierced nasal septum with an ornate ring through it

Background imagePierced Collection: Engraved Horse from Teyjat

Engraved Horse from Teyjat
Prehistoric engaving of a horse, deer and birds on a pierced bone (baton perce) from Teyjat in the Dordogne. Les Eyzies Museum

Background imagePierced Collection: Wall pierced by shell

Wall pierced by shell
A man points to where a wall of the National Bank, 4 foot thick, has been pierced by a shell in Madras, India, during World War One. Date: C.1914

Background imagePierced Collection: A Tertiary Igneous Dyke

A Tertiary Igneous Dyke
A Tertiary igneous dyke cutting through a sandstone deposit. The igneous rock pierced its way through the earths crust in a vertical fissure

Background imagePierced Collection: French Circus Trick

French Circus Trick
A sensational turn at a French circus : A woman is placed inside the globe, which is then pierced with swords and rolled down a spiral shoot! Date: 1930s

Background imagePierced Collection: Torghatten, Norway

Torghatten, Norway
Torghatten (Trolls Hat) is a hill in Norway renowned for its distinctive hole piercing straight through the hillside (not a printing error!)

Background imagePierced Collection: Switzerland Martin Hole

Switzerland Martin Hole
This is an artificial hole, dedicated to Saint Martin, pierced through the mountain by the villagers of Elm in the Bernese Alps

Background imagePierced Collection: England / York 1939

England / York 1939
The beautiful, historic city of York, Yorkshire, England. The 14th century walls provide a lovely walk, which is pierced at intervals with gateways known as bars

Background imagePierced Collection: Stalin Line Pierced

Stalin Line Pierced
German armoured divisions pierce the Stalin Line, destroy Russian tanks and munition carriers

Background imagePierced Collection: Tower of London C17

Tower of London C17
Barges, sailing vessels and small boats ply the river beneath the walls of the Tower, pierced only by a small entrance for boats to enter

Background imagePierced Collection: Jap Rail Takanawa Line

Jap Rail Takanawa Line
A picturesque scene on the Takanawa Line, where the track goes out across the water on a gently curving causeway pierced by arches so that small boats can pass through

Background imagePierced Collection: HELL

Those who were guilty of wrath during their lifetimes are punished by being pierced by pointed lances

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