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Partake Collection

Background imagePartake Collection: WW1 - Catholic Mass in the Trenches at Bienvillers-aux-Bois

WW1 - Catholic Mass in the Trenches at Bienvillers-aux-Bois
WW1 - French troops partake in Catholic Mass in the Trenches at Bienvillers-aux-Bois - August 1915. It was estimated that over 20, 000 priests served in the French army in some capacity

Background imagePartake Collection: German Country Dinner

German Country Dinner
FAMILY MEAL Three generations of an idyllic German country family partake in a family meal in a farmhouse kitchen

Background imagePartake Collection: BANQUET BESIDE A WAR

A group of gentlemen partake of splendid wines and victuals at a banquet whilst a major battle takes place outside, providing ample topics for conversation. Date: 16th century

Background imagePartake Collection: The Blessing Of Science. By Charles Robinson

The Blessing Of Science. By Charles Robinson
The Pekingese arrives by private lift from his suite to partake of afternoon tea with his mistress. An illustration by Charles Robinson (brother of William Heath Robinson)

Background imagePartake Collection: Family Shower / Leech

Family Shower / Leech
A family prepare to partake of a shower. The servants fill up the shower head with hot water as the family members don conical hats and towels - some require encouragement! Date: 1850

Background imagePartake Collection: Burns / I Hae a Wife

Burns / I Hae a Wife
I HAE A WIFE O MY AIN I hae a wife of my ain, I ll partake wi naebody; I hae a guid braid sword, I ll tak dunts frae naebody

Background imagePartake Collection: A Smoking Party 1874

A Smoking Party 1874
Several gentlemen partake in the joys of tobacco during a smoking party indoors

Background imagePartake Collection: Tea Party / Greenaway

Tea Party / Greenaway
Thin faced little girls in mob caps partake of cake & tea seated on rush chairs. A racquet & shuttlecock have momentarily been abandoned for the sake of refreshment

Background imagePartake Collection: C18th Ladies Drinking

C18th Ladies Drinking
Three well-bred ladies in a walled garden partake of a glass or two of wine. One lady rises from her seat holding the other ladies by the hands to bid a fond farwell

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