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FABRITIUS, Carel (1622-1654). The Goldfinch. ca
Robin Redbreast
Oiseaux - birds
Old male Asian Paradise Flycatcher Watercolour
Nightingale, Luscinia megarhynchos
Resplendent quetzal, Pharomachrus mocinno
Oiseaux - birds
White-faced black Spanish
Great and lesser spotted woodpeckers
Raven, Corvus corax, and magpie, Pica pica
Bald eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Silver-grey Dorking hen
Toulouse geese with dewlap, cock and hen
Silver spangled Hamburgh cock and hen
Pied currawong, Strepera graculina
Green-throated carib, Eulampis holosericeus. Male adult
Annas hummingbird, Calypte anna
Upper and lower views of the skull of a dodo
Side view of the skull of a dodo
Calandra lark, skylark, crested lark and marsh lark
Great grey shrike and black-throated ant-shrike (female)
Brown Cuckoo-Dove, Macropygia phasianella
Snowy owl, Bubo scandiacus
Nightingale, goldcrest, cinereous tit and great tit
Bluethroat, robin and western yellow wagtail
Rouen ducks
Rouen ducks
Facsimile of a picture of a dodo by Roelandt
Anatomy of birds: skeleton
Yellow-bellied sapsucker, Sphyrapicus varius
Hairy woodpecker, downy woodpecker and red-bellied
Black East India ducks and black Cayuga ducks
Spectacled owl, Pulsatrix perspicillata
Great blue turaco, Corythaeola cristata
Red-legged seriema or crested cariama, Cariama cristata
Blue-headed fantail, Rhipidura cyaniceps 1
Cranium and sternum of the extinct Rodrigues
Southern cassowary by JG Keulemans
Strix aluco, tawny owls
Red bird-of-paradise, Paradisaea rubra
Eurasian jay, Garrulus glandarius, and spotted
Common heron, Ardea major, Grey heron, Ardea cinerea
Dutch hookbill duck, Anas boschas var curvirostra
Roseate tern, Sterna dougallii
Common quail, Coturnix coturnix
Turbit pigeon, Columba livia domestica var turbita
Northern shrike, yellow-breasted chat, loggerhead
American warblers
Sparrows, towhee and waterthrush

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