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Novelists Collection (#2)

Background imageNovelists Collection: Marjorie Bowen in a Belle Alliance dress

Marjorie Bowen in a Belle Alliance dress
MARJORIE BOWEN alias GABRIELLE MARGARET LONG English novelist (1888 - 1952), pictured in a " Belle Alliance" dress, designed by a group of women-artists who, according to The Sketch

Background imageNovelists Collection: Gilbert Frankau, 1916

Gilbert Frankau, 1916
Gilbert Frankau (1884-1952), writer and war poet. Frankau served in the British Army from the outbreak of war in 1914, first in the 9th Battalion of the East Surrey Regiment

Background imageNovelists Collection: Michael Arlen with Mrs Musker & Mrs Stanley-Clarke

Michael Arlen with Mrs Musker & Mrs Stanley-Clarke
Michael Arlen (1895-1956), writer, known best of all for his sensational 1920s novel, The Green Hat. Born Dikran Kouyoumdjian, in Bulgaria, of Armenian parents. Naturalised British, 1922

Background imageNovelists Collection: Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell (1900-1949), American author best known for Gone with the Wind, pictured hard at work at her typewriter. Date: 1937

Background imageNovelists Collection: H. E. Bates

H. E. Bates
Herbert Ernest Bates (1905 74), British writer and author, best known for The Darling Buds of May, Love for Lydia and My Uncle Silas

Background imageNovelists Collection: Temple Thurston

Temple Thurston
ERNEST TEMPLE THURSTON and KATHARINE CECIL TEMPLE THURSTON (1875-1911), both of them popular novelists. Date: 1879 - 1933

Background imageNovelists Collection: Players cigarettes advertisement featuring Mark Twain

Players cigarettes advertisement featuring Mark Twain
Advertisement for Players Navy Cut Tobacco and cigarettes featuring American novelist, Mark Twain together with an endorsement of the beautifully cool and sweet smoking tobacco he has in his pipe

Background imageNovelists Collection: Evelyn Waugh by Madame Yevonde

Evelyn Waugh by Madame Yevonde
Evelyn Waugh (1903 - 1966), English novelist and satirist photographed by Madame Yevonde

Background imageNovelists Collection: Mrs Barbara McCorquodale

Mrs Barbara McCorquodale
DAME MARY BARBARA HAMILTON CARTLAND married name Mrs Barbara McCorquodale, British novelist, sketched by Molly Bishop at a point-to-point wearing a sage green hat and jersey with her check suit

Background imageNovelists Collection: Sofya (Sonia) Aleksandrovna Ivanova

Sofya (Sonia) Aleksandrovna Ivanova
Sofya (or Sonia) Aleksandrovna Ivanova, favourite niece of the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky (daughter of his sister Vera Ivanova). He wrote letters to her about himself and his work

Background imageNovelists Collection: Jules & Edmond Goncourt

Jules & Edmond Goncourt

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