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Naturwissenschaft Gallery

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Saturn in natural color, photographed by Cassini
Diorama. Extraction of salt. Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland
Section of an underground mine. Model of a team in the secon
Working Model of a Pelton Turbine, Escher Wyss AG, Ravensbur
Operational airfield in World War 1. Diorama
Plant for the production of evaporated salt pans
Mining. Shaft sinking by hand with hammer and wedge. Diorama
Germany. Munich. Deutches Museum
CoKe oven. Diorama
Mining. Drilling with a jackhammer. Diorama. Deutsches Muse
Mining. Surveying by the mines compass. Diorama
Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) or lunar rover. American Apollo p
Arc furnace
Arc furnace
Coal mine. Extraction of coal and transportation of minecard
The First German Coke Oven. 18th century
Room work in a potash mine. 1925
Tower windmill, Crete. Greece. ca. 1850. Diorama
Brine Pipes, Georg von Reichenbach, 1817
Ox treadmill, uper Italy, ca. 1600. Were used to drive corn
Electronic Motor
Stationary Gas Motor
Spacelab. Full reusable orbital research laboratory
Germany. Munich. Deutches Museum. Outside
Mercury Spacegraft (replica). 1960
Low pressure chamber type Schroedter, 1960
Fully automatic life preserver for aircrew. Secumar 10 HLA
Rumpler C.IV. German single-engine, two-seat reconnaissance
Planes. Deutches Museum. Munich. Germany
A50 Cl D-2054 in Deutsches Museum Munich
Binocular microscope large Best. London, around 1890
Transmission electron microscope EM9. Signed: Carl Zeiss
DNA. Deoxyribonucleic acid, model
Eisleben Water Raising Machine. William Richards, Hettstedt
Travelling Steam Lokomobile Maschinenfabrik Rudolf Wolf, Mag
Steam engines. Room inside. Deutches Museum. Munich. Germany
Gokstad Ship, approx. 900 A.D. Was found in a burial place n

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