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Burrell Showmans Road Locomotive 3938, Quo Vadis
Burrell Showmans Road Locomotive 2668, Britannia
Burrell General Purpose Engine 3262, Perseverance
Burrell Showmans Road Locomotive 3509, Rajah
Harland & Wolff Collection - National Museums NI
Winston Churchill - Burrell Showmans Road Locomotive
Aveling & Porter Steam Roller KR 478
Garrett Showmans Road Locomotive 33353, The Chough
Fowler Road Roller 18075, Britannia
Marshall General Purpose Engine 38024, Cressing Temple
Garrett Tractor 34789, Queenie - later Cornish Star
Foden Tractor 13454, Samantha
Fowler Showmans Road Locomotive 15657, The Iron Maiden
Garrett Showmans Tractor 33419, Challenge
Burrell Showmans Road Locomotive 3887, The Prince of Wales
Sentinel Wagon 8393, HMS Sultan
Fowler Road Locomotive 12255, Princess
Sentinel Wagon 8109, Deborah
Burrell Road Locomotive 3824, Lord Fisher of Lambeth
Foden Tractor 13266, Rosie
Garrett General Purpose Engine 33305, The Mighty Atom
Foden Wagon 6350
Fowler Road Locomotive 14754, Endeavour
Burrell General Purpose Engine, 3121 Keeling
Aveling and Porter Road Roller 14089, Josephine
Ruston Proctor General Purpose Engine 35501, The Muddler
Allchin General Purpose Engine 1458, Jane
Fowler Showmans Road Locomotive 15652, Repulse
Fowler Road Roller 18882, No.1
Fowler General Purpose Engine 8282, Berkswell
Foster Showmans Tractor 13149, Venture
Aveling and Porter BS class Road Roller Rosie the Cider Girl
Burrell Showmans Road Locomotive 4000, Ex-Mayor
Fowler Showmans Tractor 14798, Firefly
Foster Showmans Road Locomotive 14153, Admiral Beatty
Burrell Showmans Road Locomotive 3555, The Busy Bee
Fowler Ploughing Engine 15442, Lion
Ruthemeyer Road Roller Zoef Zoef
Foster Showmans Tractor 14589, Lord of the Isles
Fowler Wagon 19708, Pendle Prince
Sentinel Tractor 5644, The Elephant
Foden Tractor 13068, Perseverance
Fowler General Purpose Engine 9698, Farmers Friend
Marshall General Purpose Engine 43560, Winifred
Aveling & Porter Tractor 12152, Rosemary
Savage CE 607, Granny
Fowell General Purpose Engine 93, The Abbot
Davey Paxman General Purpose Engine 13073, Victoria

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