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Blue Dress / Beer 1922
Art Nouveau Flowers
Cyclamen persicum plant as motif in designs
London Fire Brigade despatch rider at night
Greek pottery. Lekythos. Red figure. From Greece. 4th centur
Sarcophagus of a married couple. About 240 AD. Ancient Rome
Albatros D V German fighter plane of Oblt Schliech
Snowdrop, Galanthus nivalis, as design motif
Suffragette Tea set Sylvia Pankhurst
Plates decorated with floral motifs from Saint-Amand, France
Dining Room Wembley Stadium Club (greyhound racing)
Ornamental Designs from Europe & Asia - 17th / 18th century
In the Kingdom of Flowers - Liebig Blank Menu Card
Visigothic buckle of copper. Probably from Burgos
Advert Le Nenuphar, hair accessories 1909
Aryballos decorated with four warriors. From Corintio. 4th c
Ancient Greece. Aryballos. From Corintio. 4th century BC
Greek pottery. Pyx. 7th-6th century BC. From Corinth
Folding X-chair, c. 1620-1650
Five Javanese court officials, c. 1820-1870. Anonymous
Berlin Gold Hat. Fine gold leaf. 1000 BC
Sarcophagus of a married couple. Detail relief. About 240 AD
Little Castle Tower. Cesky Krumlov. Czech Republic
Rugs. 20th century. Csik, Romania
Vase of the Gazelles. Islamic art. Detail. 14th century
Matching Dress & Jacket
Coat with Chain Motif
Cornstalk Abstract
Gown of Late 1820S
The wind blowing a ship onwards
Traditional Christian dado bands
Traditional Christian string courses
Pavots d Argent fragrance advertisement, Roger & Gallet
Sphere binding cover
WW1 - Guynemer gets his Captains stripes, 3rd March 1917
Solomons seal, Polygonatum multiflorum, as
Jonquil, Narcissus jonquilla, as design motif
Arrowhead, Sagittaria sagittifolia, as a design
Arrowhead, Sagittaria sagittifolia, as a motif
Cyclamen persicum motif in patterns for lace
Geranium motif in wallpaper, border and fabric patterns
Geranium motifs in patterns for wallpaper and fabric
American Indian Influenced Art Deco
Fashionable lady in a hat
Heraldry - Coat of Arms of Frankfurt
Art Nouveau Motif
Evening Dress / Poiret

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