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Natal Native Contingent (NCC) armed with assegais
Khakas or Khakass shamans from Saygachi, near
Outrigger canoe of Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
The Bronze Horseman, statue of Peter the Great
Malin Head, Most Northerly Point in Ireland, Co. Donegal
Francesco Donato, Doge of Venice from 1545 to 1553. Portrait
Kyrgyz women in traditional costume
Man and woman of the Morea Eyalet, the Peloponnese, Greece
Hursid Ahmed Pasha (died 1822), Ottoman governor
From left to right, Trinitarian friar, Dominican and August
Church of the Most Holy Trinity, Mexico City
WW2 era - Comic Postcard - Wot won t we do
View of Mount Carmel taken from St. Jean d Acre, Palestine
The gate of Cairo called Beb el Fath
House constructed in a rock at Old Paphos
A fountain among the mountains of Paphos, Cyprus
View of the ancient temple at Amathus, Cyprus
View of the ruins of the Queens Palace, Morocco
A Moroccan cavalry soldier and Ali Bey
View of Morocco and the cordillera of the Atlas mountains
Castle or Alcazaba, Tangier, Morocco
Wild horse of Siberia, or Yakutian horse
Figures of divinities in the Kalmyk religion
Labantsiksa, shaman of the Khorintzi Buryats
Man and woman of the Nenets or Samoyeds people
Kalmyks in traditional costume
Women of the Mordvin Moksha people in traditional costume
Women of the Mordvin Erzya people in traditional
Ancient Tatar tomb of a Khan in Kasimov
Villa of the Shah of Persia, Qajar Dynasty
Ruins of Persepolis, or Takht-e-Jamshid, capital
Fath Ali Chah, second Qajar emperor or Shah
Portrait of Shah Mohammad Ali Han of Persia, 1760-1779
Mohammad Karim Khan Zand or Karim Han, founder
Portrait of Nadir Shah of Persia, 1698-1747
Persian woman in dance costume
Persian woman in city dress
Persian man in summer dress
Reilefs from the momument of Taq-e Bostan
Kurdish man with shield and club
Woman of Baghdad in everyday dress
Woman of Baghdad in formal dress
Francois Le Vaillants camp at Great Fish
Francois Le Vaillants camp at Pampoen-Kraal
Lappet-faced vulture or Nubian vulture, Torgos
Cape baboon or chacma baboon, Papio ursinus
Male giraffe, Giraffa camelopardalis
Young San woman nursing child, South Africa

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