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Mole Gallery

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Wind in Willows / Grahame
Badger & Mole / Willow
Wind in Willows / Rat Snow
The Mole Catcher
Box Hill, Surrey
Leatherhead - 1925
Talpa europaea, European mole
Thumbelina flies away on the Swallows back
Wind Willows / Onion Sauce
Wind in Willows / Mice
Mole - babies in nest
Shrews and moles
Author Sue Townsend - 1
Old Maid card game - Tickets Please - London Underground
The South Mole, harbour, Strait of Gibraltar
Species of mole crabs or sand crabs
Fiddler crab and angular crab
Two moles (Talpa Europaea)
Common shrew, Sorex araneus, and Cape golden
European mole, Talpa europaea
Louis Lacressonniere as La Mole in La Reine Margot, 1847
Pyrenean desman (vulnerable) and star-nosed mole
Storming the Mole at Zeebrugge from HMS Vindictive, WW1
Mole-Richardson Lighting, Granada Televison Studios
Mole-Richardson Lighting, Golderstat Photographic Studio
British submarine C3 at Zeebrugge, Netherlands, WW1
Advert for Swan & Edgar winter fashions 1909
Rat-catcher 1850s
Author Sue Townsend - 2
Olde Mole and Water Port
The Olde Mole
The Olde Mole
Gibraltar - The Mole and Dockworks
Tenerife, Spain - Santa Cruz - The Mole (Harbour)
Greetings from Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa
The Mole. Skin. Leon Cathedral. Spain
Italy. Rome. Saint Angelo Bridge and Hadrians Mausoleum
The Molo, Venice, Italy - with covered Gondola
Zeebrugge, landing on the mole, 1918
Zeebrugge mole fight: marines charging along the mole, 1918
18Thc Seated Gentleman
John Vine, Molecatcher of Kent and Surrey
Snail and grasshoppers racing, Les Images en Musique
Lemming, hamster, songar rat, blind mole-rat
Cape or Siberian Mole and common hedgehog
African coast rat or Cape mole rat, Georychus capensis
Mole salamander or wooper looper, Ambystoma
Russian Desman, Desmana moschata (vulnerable)
Marten, Martes martes, and wolverine, Gulo gulo

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