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Miseries Gallery

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Thames / Wapping Old Stair
Man falling off a broken chair at a dinner party
Man being attacked by a parrot and cat in a drawing room
Husband holding off his angry wife with mop
Two lovers in a parlour disturbed by prying maids
Parson cursing foxhunters and hounds trampling his garden
Man beating a stubborn horse with a cudgel, while
A dinner party ruined by the arrival of a stinking game dish
Man forced to wear his hosts ill-fitting clothes
Man sitting down on a startled cat in his chair
Man suffering from gout greeted painfully by a sailor
Tired and drunken man at a raucous dinner party with
Mother with new born baby visited by several women
Two Regency men stoppped to talk in a freezing wind
Woman having her feet treated painfully by a chiropodist
Two Regency gentlemen about to fight a duel with pistols
A group of writers dining at the house of a rich citizen
Man seized by leg cramp in the honeymoon bed
Visiting gentlemen refused entry to a house by a servant
Regency cobbler mending shoes in a crowded room
Man and woman lost in the countryside in a night storm
Man chasing his hat down a muddy street in a high wind
Barber cutting his thumb trying to shave a customer
Passengers slipping and falling into the river mud
Man in his sick bed surrounded by doting wife, children
Men falling on ice skates, another falling through
Man forced to kiss an ugly woman at a dance party
Man and two women failing to close a packed trunk
Man losing control of his mount while passing a carriage
Men and women skating on thin ice and falling into
Man standing up while choking at the dinner table
Man and ladies searching for a carriage in a crowd
A cart race in an English town with an accident in
Chambermaid pulling on a sleeping guests wooden leg
Man using bellows in front of a fire in a smoky room
Being nervous and cross-examined by Mr. Garrow
Gentleman trying to play footsie with a beauty at the table
Tipsy man riding a horse facing the tail
Barber and customer in a barbershop decorated with wigs
Woman sleeping at a desk while a man reads her secret
Two men falling off their horses after showing off
Three soldiers in uniform parading outside a tavern
Man pinned to a door by the horns of an enraged ox
Gentleman escorting country cousins on their first
Children playing on carts cutting up a newly-rolled
Man on horseback behind a slow-moving cart on a narrow lane
Man embarrassed at being made to dance at a country dance
Fashionable woman sending a verbal message via a fool

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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