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Maria Callas in Dior
PELLIZZA DA VOLPEDO, Giuseppe (1868-1901). The
Poster, Iso Scooter
FARUFFINI, Federico (1831-1879). The Reader
Red kite, Milvus milvus
MANTEGNA, Andrea (1431-1506). The Lamentation
Sophie Blanchard in balloon ascent, Milan
Puccini Mascagni Franche
Constantine the Great. Roman Emperor from 306-337. Constanti
Khakas or Khakass shamans from Saygachi, near
Leonardesque model. Trench-digging machine. Model. Technolog
Battle of Waterloo (18th June 1815). Napoleon s
Outrigger canoe of Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
Italy. Milan. La Scala by night. Opera house. Inagurated in
Michelangelo (1475-1564). Rondanini Piet஠1555-1564
1st International Aircraft Exhibition Poster
Milan Cathedral (Detail)
Milan Royal Palace. Engraving. ITALY. Milan
Poster advertising French railways
Verdi / Rigoletto / Liebig2
Milan Cathedral / Street
Saint Ambrose Thevet
St Bartholomew Flayed (1562) by Marco d Agrate (c. 1504 A?i
Italy. Milan. Clock decorated with two statues
Thomas horns steam engine. Built around 1850 by the Thos. H
Medicine. Study of anatomy by Leonardo Da Vinci. 15th centur
Manzoni, Alessandro (1785-1873). Italian writer
French colonization of Algeria. Siege of Constantine
Wheel of Ur, 3500 BC. Mesopotamian art. ITALY. LOMBARDY
Pavel Stepanek, Czech parapsychology subject
Kyrgyz women in traditional costume
Man and woman of the Morea Eyalet, the Peloponnese, Greece
Hursid Ahmed Pasha (died 1822), Ottoman governor
Jesus Christ mosaic over door, San Babila Church, Milan
Pythagoras of Samos (570 BC-495 BC). Engraving
Study of Leonardo da Vinci. Printing Press. Codex Atlanticus
The double catapult. Designed by Leonardo da Vinci. 15th cen
Circumference of the Earth. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) de
Nervous system Leonardo da Vincis drawing. 15 th century
Two-valve radio-receiver. 1917
Computer. MAC model. Early 80 s. 20th century. National Muse
Soldier in green uniform of the Cisalpine Republic
Franco-Prussian War. Siege of Paris
Milan Ryzl, Czech biochemist and parapsychologist
Vintage 19th century photograph: Duomo, cathedral, Milan, Italy
Vintage late 19th century photograph - rooftop view of Milan showing the cathedral, Duomo

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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