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Methods Gallery

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MONTESSORI (1870 - 1952)
British 25-pounder field gun by G. H. Davis
Scenes of peasant working life, Ireland
German inventions for war in the air by G. H. Davis
How Navajo Indian Rugs are made - USA
Sport / Martial Arts / Kendo
British soldier bears to the firing line WWI
Johannes Gutenberg, German goldsmith and printer
New German incendiary bomb by G. H. Davis
Remedial Gymnastics
Launching of V2 rocket bombs by G. H. Davis
Medical / Instruments / 1739
Lesson in Agriculture
Primitive Stone Age people, Kazakhstan area
Smelting Furnace - Sierra Leone, West Africa
Rural English Soft Cheesemaker
Tibet - A Moment of Suspence - transporting animals on trail
Kitagawa Utamaro print - Watching Divers for Shellfish
Methods of escape from submarine by G. H. Davis
Baling out of a stricken aeroplane by G. H. Davis
Diagram of a torpedo by G. H. Davis
Helena Rubinstein advertisement
Golden Soil: French methods of Market Gardening for England
Colonel Ashley with Chelsea Pensioners, WW1
United States Air Force - Boeing RB-50F Superfortress 47-159
Temporary Treatment of Bone Fractures
Methods of Arresting Bleeding with various tourniquets
Syrian Women making Bread
Drying Fish on wooden racks - Nordland, Northern Norway
Malaysia - tapping rubber trees
Lobster Fishing on Sark - lay lines hanging from rings
Hvanneyri model farm, Iceland
Japan - Winnowing the rice by hand and by machine
Fishing with cormorants - China
Disabled Dance Class
Faked Spirit photographs
How Betty can make a Christmas hankie for mother
Dainty frock of opal hues
Jolly play clothes from daddys shirts
A smart note is added to the sports blouse
A rainbow frock
A chic little turban made from an old scarf
Simple designs with many uses
Delightful shaded scarfs of lovely tints
How Dy-o-la can bring beauty to your home
The Feeding of our Expeditionary Army, WW1
Tapping a Rubber Tree
Suffragette W.S.P.U Membership Card

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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