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Medina Gallery

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Prince Philip at Lynden Manor with his cousins
Saudi Arabia / Medina 1892
Medina, Saudi Arabia - Hajj Pilgrimage - Sacred Carpet
Marchioness of Milford Haven at Lynden Manor
Polychromed vase. Tomb of Kha. 1400 BC. Egypt
Saudi Arabia / Medina 19C
Roume Polyclinic in Dakar, Senegal
Medina Azahara Palace. Cordoba. Andalusia. Spain
Islamic art. Turkey. Iznik tile with the depiction of Medina
Islamic pottery. Taifor. Plate decorated with horse. Ceramic
Medina Azahara. House of Viziers. Andalusia. Spain
Photograph of Medina PH, Holloway, London
The Green Dome in the Mosque of the Prophet, Medina
The Grand Mosque of Mecca, showing the Kaaba, 1800s
Piazza della Borsa with Medina Fountain, Naples, Italy
Piazza del Municipio with equestrian statue, Naples, Italy
RMS / HMS Medina, P&O M-class in service during WW1
Tangier, Morocco - Grand Mosque of Tangier
Fes, Morocco - Kintera-ben-el-Meddouk and the Mills
King George V and the Khedive of Egypt
Skylark, Medina-class lifeboat, with passengers
Temple of Hathor in Deir el-Medina near Luxor, Egypt
Marchioness of Milford Haven - Earl of Medina
Morocco - Meknes - The Souk (Covered Market)
Alonso Perez de Guman, 7th Duke of Medina Sidonia (1550-1615
Islamic art. Spain. Bronze lamp
Jose Maria Alvarez de Toledo, Marques of Villafranca de Bier
Isalmic Art. Spain. Glazed ceramic vessel. 8th - 10th centur
Egyptian art. Architect Kha. Statue. 1400 BC
Castle of La Mota. Medina del Campo. Valladolid province. Ca
The opium clipper Wild Dayrell
Malta / Medina Procession
Malta / Medina / Old Capital
View down Rue Ramy toward Column at Marjeh Square, Damascus
Place Bab Souika, Tunis, Tunisia, North Africa
Al-Masjid al-Nabawi - Medina, Saudi Arabia
Muhammad and the Meccans. Otoman manuscript, 16th c
Society goes to see Count Michael de Torbys fashion designs
Jose Maria Medina
John Baptist Medina
Medina, Saudi Arabia, featuring the old city walls
Wedding - Crown Prince of Sweden and Lady Louise Mountbatten
Tunisia - Tunis - Sidi Mehrez Mosque from Place Bab Souika
Column at Marjeh Square, Damascus, Syria
Bronze Column at Marjeh Square, Damascus, Syria
Damascus, Syria - Marjeh - Palace of Justice - Mecca Column
Tomb or Mosque at Medina, Saudi Arabia
Plan of the Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi Mosque, Medina

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