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Matania Gallery

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Matania - Last Absolution of the Munsters
Good-bye, Old Man. By Fortunio Matania. 1922
L Battery, Royal Horse Artillery
Please, Mr Policeman, where is Father Christmas by Matania
A Motor Bus during the London Season, 1914 by Matania
The Cross Bearers, WW1 battlefield by Matania
The Strongest '
Sappho - House of Muses
Notables assembled in the Abbey annexe at 1937 Coronation
British gunners, Battle of the Somme, WW1
The Unknown Warrior - scene at Westminster Abbey
British Guns dash through French town
Australian troops counter-attack at Amiens, WW1
Ad for Goodbye, Old Man by Matania, WW1
At an Advanced Dressing Station on the Western Front, Matania
British trooper meets French woman on the road to Lille, WW1
The Last Shot by Matania
A Fish Pontoon at Grimsby by Fortunio Matania
Dance-Time at the Dorchester Hotel
Female munitions workers. By Fortunio Matania
Dropping from a Kite Balloon 1917
The sinking of the Titanic by Fortunio Matania
In the Famous Plug Street Wood by Matania
A British heavy howitzer in action on the Western Front against an opposing German position
My Studio by Fortunino Matania
British infantry attack a German trench in France
Francesco Matania
The Strongest by Fortunino Matania
The Fall of the German airship L-21 by Fortunino Matania, WW1
Gordon Highlander interrogated by German Officers
Repulsing the famous Prussian guard at Ypres
The Farewell
The Farewell
Great Expectations: The Dickens Christmas Spirit by Matania
British soldiers bathing in flooded shell hole by Matania
Arrival of troop train by Fortunino Matania
Edward VIII in his Coronation robes
A British Advanced observation post
Uhlans at Liege
In No Mans Land
Taking the wounded aboard a British ambulance
With the field guns on the Western Front
Army tanks in battle with planes overhead, WW2
French light cavalry at Lassigny, World War One
King George VI and Queen Elizabeth enthroned
Pharaohs Workers - Ancient Egypt - by Fortunino Matania
Boadicea leading Iceni revolt by Fortunino Matania
German parachute troops, WW2
The Strongest
The Strongest

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