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Malaysia Gallery

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Empire Marketing Board - Penang, British Malaya
The Royal Lincolns in Malaya
George Town, Penang, Malaysia - Campbell Street
Two Malaysian Women and their children - Singapore
Borneo, Malaysia - Sarawak - Kuching
Street Banana Seller, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A Malayan forest, with its characteristic birds
Map of Malaysia 1908
Railway station and hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Rubber Plantation - Malaysia - Overseer and Coolies
Native group, Malay peninsula - Modern Thailand or Malaysia
Sultan H H Abu Bakar of Johor, Malaysia
A girl of the Dusan People, Sabah State, North Borneo
Abu Bakar, Sultan of Johore (Johor), Malaysia
The High Street - Singapore, Malaysia
Boys in Malaysia eating Durian Fruit
Alpha -male Proboscis monkey aggressive display
Adult male of Proboscis monkey doses in early morning
Tiger Leech / Painted Leech on a leaf, typical
Heliconia (a species of Ginger) plant flowers at
Smooth otter - tamed wild animal, plays with visitors
Smooth otter - tame animal living in Labuk Bay
Young female Proboscis monkey, wild but relatively
Young female Proboscis monkey (called Adi by sanctuary
Malaysia Melaka
Sikorsky S-61A-4 Nuri FM1150
South East Asia - indigenous native dwelling Malay peninsula
Selangor Chinese chamber of commerce, Malaysia. This chamber, founded in 1902
Sarawaks Hundred Years under rule of White Rajahs
Malay girl with hair tied up carrying baskets from a yoke
Crested partridge, Rollulus rouloul
Venus slipper orchid, Paphiopedilum barbatum
Coelogyne pandurata orchid
Malayan urn vine, Dischidia major
View of the town of Malacca, Malaysia, circa 1800
Malay man collecting wine from tree, South East Asia
Three Sakai tribesmen, Malay States, South East Asia
Nutmeg plantation 1868
Malaysia - Semang people
Boeing 707-321 9M-AQD
Temple in Selangor, Malaysia
Altar in Snake Temple at Sungai Kluang, Penang, Malaysia
British Empire Exhibition - Wembley - Sarawak Pavilion
Portrait of a young Dayak Woman - Sarawak, Malaysia
St. Andrews Cathedral - Singapore, Malaysia
Victoria Memorial Hall and Theatre - Singapore, Malaysia
Harbour - Singapore, Malaysia
Orchard Road - Singapore, Malaysia

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