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Louisa Gallery

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Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and their Children
The Royal Family of Great Britain 1897
Little Women - The March family under a tree
Fighting in the Marrowbone area of Belfast
Little Women - Professor Bhaer entertains the children
Marie Louise, former Empress of France
Alice Louisa Zetland
Louisa Mss Waterford
Sister Louisa Mackay
Joseph & Louisa Rhine
Old man comforting crying woman, 1903
Sketch cover - the Marchesa Malacrida
Little Women, Grand Theatre, Leeds, West Yorkshire
Home of Louisa May Alcott at Concord, Massachusetts, USA
Lottie Collins music hall singer and dancer 1865-1910
Katharine Russell, Viscountess Amberley
Dr Frederick L H Willis, American spiritualist and physician
Countess Louisa Kintore
Oh! Susannah! a farcical comedy by Mark Ambient, first produced at the Eden Theatre
Seadragon and striped cowfish
John Dory, magpie perch, silver fish and butterfly lobster
Emu and young, Dromaius novaehollandiae
Turqoise berry and Aristotelia peduncularis
Native fuchsia, lilac and pepper
Margin-winged stick insect and red epacris
Copperleaf snowberry and purple apple-berry
Common stargazer and longsnout boarfish
Globe flower and buttercups
Elizabeth Jane, daughter of Sir William Somerville
Mother and Aunt Louisa
Louisa Tetrazzini
Little Women - Jo and Fritz reunited under an umbrella
Little Women - Jo in the garret, feeling lonely
Little Women - Amys attempts at Art
Little Women - Jos table at Mrs Chesters fair
Little Women - Meg buying silk for a new dress
Little Women - Jo writing her novel in special costume
Little Women - a lobster for a special lunch
Little Women - Lauries felt hat and rattle
Little Women - Mrs March and Jo read a letter
Little Women - Laurie witnessing Amys will
Little Women - Mop the dog lying on his back
Little Women - Beth winding up the grandfather clock
Little Women - Beth checking the postbox
Little Women - Meg and three young men at a party
Little Women - Jo and Laurie boating on the river
Little Women - Jo and Laurie sitting on the stairs
Little Women - Mr Laurence and Beth

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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