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Lizard Gallery

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Church Cove, The Lizard, Cornwall
The Cromdale wrecked at Bass Point, The Lizard, Cornwall
Ptychozoon kohli, flying gecko
Crystal Palace Dinosaur Models
Sceloporus asper, spiny lizard
Mosasaur: Platycarpus ictericus
Lizard Point, Cornwall, England
Sunset at Kynance Cove, The Lizard, Cornwall
Mosasaur, Mosasaurus hoffmannii, extinct genus
Restorations of secondary period animals
Plate 102 from the John Reeves Collection (Zoology)
Mexico - Teotihuacan - Temple of Quetzacoatal
Extinct Nothosaurus, mid-Triassic period
Monitor lizard, Varanus species
Amboina sailfin lizard, Hydrosaurus amboinensis
New Reptile House at London Zoo by G H Davis
Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton
Lyreshead lizard, Lyriocephalus scutatus
Bill the Lizard
Arizona Desert, USA - A Gila Monster (Heloderma suspectum)
Palawan Monitor Lizard - rests on a path with its
Legless Lizard
Vulcan bomber at RNAS Culdrose air show, Cornwall
Himantoglossum hircinum, Lizard Orchid flowers
Boutons skink Snake-eyed skink
Skeleton of Ichthyosaurus communis (fish lizard)
Advert for Mayflowa crocodile and lizard womens shoes 1923
Wreck of the ship Cromdale at the Lizard
The tug Lizard on the River Thames, Woolwich, SE London
Jungle runner and golden tegu
Saw-scaled viper and Madagascar leafnose snake
Lyreshead lizard and mophead iguana
Fossil skeleton of an extinct Anoplotherium commune
Lizard buzzard, Kaupifalco monogrammicus
Titlepage with vignette of Guinea turaco and violet turaco
Reproduction of extinct Ichthyosaurs, Jurassic era
Workmen on oil rig supply ship off The Lizard, Cornwall
Winchman on oil rig Atlantic I, 38 miles off The Lizard
Anchor of oil rig Atlantic I, 38 miles off The Lizard
Three varieties of lizard
Emerald skink, Lamprolepis smaragdina
Mullers skink, Sphenomorphus muelleri
Buru flying dragon, Draco lineatus (Draco viridis)
Lined flying dragon, Draco lineatus
Lizard orchid, Himantoglossum hircinum
European glass lizard, Pseudopus apodus
Cape snake lizard, Chamaesaura anguina
Ocellated or bronze skink, Chalcides ocellatus

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