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Snow morel, Gyromitra gigas, and hooded false
Half-free morel, Morchella semi-libera, Mitrophora
Cauliflower coral mushroom, Ramaria botrytis, edible
False chanterelle, Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca, dubious
Honey mushroom, Armillaria mellea, Agaricus melleus, edible
Hygroscopic earthstar, Geastrum hygrometricum
Morel mushrooms: Morchella lutescens, Morchella
Hedgehog mushroom, Hydnum repandum, and scaly
Red-capped scaber stalk, Leccinum aurantiacum, edible
Yellow-gilled russula, Russula alutacea, edible
Spiny puffball, Lycoperdon echinatum, and earthball
Peziza mushrooms: P aurantia, coccinea, fulgens
White saddle, Helvella crispa, and Palamino
Yellow morel, Morchella esculenta, and green
Black morel, Morchella conica, edible
Coral fungus, Clavaria dichotoma, suspect
Clavaria umbraticola, clavaire de l ombre, suspect
Golden coral fungus, Ramaria aurea, edible
Pigs ears mushroom, Gomphus clavatus, Craterellus
Comb tooth mushroom, Hericium coralloides
Bracket fungus, Laetiporus sulphureus
Rooting bolete, Boletus radicans, edible
Grevilles bolete, Suillus grevillei, and Sticky
Weeping bolete, Suillus granulatus, and Bovine
Bitter beech bolete, Boletus calopus, poisonous
Penny bun or porcino mushroom, Boletus edulis, edible
Beefsteak fungus, Fistulina hepatica, edible
Golden chanterelle, Cantharellus cibarius, edible
Milkcap, Lactarius acris, and Saffron milkcap
Pepper mushroom, Lactarius piperatus, edible
Mild milkcap, Lactarius subdulcis, edible
Lactarius volumes, Agaricus volemus, edible
Shaggy ink cap, Coprinus comatus, and Coprinopsis
Agaricus viscidus, Gomphidius viscidus
Agaricus azureus, agaric azure, edible
Field mushroom, Agaricus campestris, edible
Horse mushroom, Agaricus arvensis, edible
Scarlet hood, Hygrocybe coccinea, and Witch s
Ivory waxy cap, Hygrophorus eburneus and Hygrophorus
Sulphur knight or gas agaric, Tricholoma sulphureum
St Georges mushroom, Calocybe gambosa, Agaricus gambosus
Agaricus rubescens, Amanita rubescens, edible
Spindleshank fungus, Gymopus fusipes, and Shaggy
Pasture or parasol mushroom, Agaricus procerus, edible
Spotted amanita, Amanita pantherina, Agaricus
Death cap, Amanita phalloides, Agaricus phalloides
European white egg mushroom, Amanita ovoidea
Fly agaric, Amanita muscaria, Agaricus muscarius, poisonous
Grisette, Amanita vaginata, Agaricus vaginatus, edible
Caesars mushroom, Amanita caesarea, Agaricus

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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