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Labor Gallery

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The Beach at Posillipo by J.C. Dahl, 1821
Trade union. Manifest published by the World Congress in London
Man ploughing with gas mask, September 1939
Workshop handmade candles. 18th century. Engraving
The past is behind us, the future is ahead. Let us all striv
Pieter Bruegel (Brueghel) the Elder (c. 1525-1569). The Towe
Trades in Regency England: glass-blowing, colliery
Trades in Regency England. Spinning, reaping flax
Mastaba of Nefer and Kahay. Polychromed relief depicting agr
Industrial Revolution. London. Interior of an English factor
Two Saints make shoes being tempted by the devil. Engraving
WW1 poster, A Call to Action! to all employees
New London Bridge, Billingsgate and the Scavenger
Trades in Regency England: Turnery, broom-maker
Trades in Regency England. Hop picking, South Down
Trades in Regency England. Carpet weaving, hog feeding
Trades in Regency England. Sail cloth, stone quarries
Trades in Regency England. Tin mines, bullocks
Trades in Regency England: china painting, pin making
Trades in Regency Ireland and England: Cork, Dublin
Trades in Regency Ireland: bleaching, Irish cabin
Trades in Regency Scotland: distillery, cannon boring
Trades in Regency England: charcoal burning, Jew selling
Trades in Regency England: Greenland ship to Hull
Trades in Regency England: Grinding cutlery, iron
Trades in Regency England: Cheese making, check manufacture
Brewing, steel ware and gloves, and a mineral waters
Trades in Regency England: Spar ornaments, pottery
Trades in Regency England: Ale-house, silk mill
Trades in Regency England: flannel market, copper
Trades in Regency England: blacksmith, Jappanner and goats
Trades in Regency England: silk weaving, jewellery
Trades in Regency England: basket making, geese plucking
Trades in Norfolk, Regency England. Barley, turnips and game
Trades in Regency England. Brick making, butter churning
Trades in Regency England: cable making, straw work
Historical views of Japan
Leto, Neptune, a Grace and a Fury
Heracles on his 11th labor
Road painters carrying broken white line stencil, Sept 1939
Womens Land Army volunteers in training, September 1939
Valentine makers at work 1880
Londons first female railway porter, April 1915
Women building the elevated railway in Tokyo, October 1904
Woman gardener on her motor-cycle 1916
Female land army workers resting after a full day 1918
Women farm workers loading a cart, May 1918
Woman harvesting apples as old man watches 1918

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Housewares, Mounted, Metal...

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