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HENRY III of France (1551-1589). King of France
Helmet of King Meskalamdug. Sumerian art
Germany (1848). Frankfurt Parliament
Etruscan throne. 8th c.-3rd c. BC. Etruscan art
SAINT-JUST, Louis-Antoine-L鯮(1767-1794). Military
Spanish Constitution promulgated by Juan Carlos
LEOPOLD I of Belgium (1790-1865). King of Belgium
Georgia. Gori. Statue of Stalin
PIDAL, Pedro Jos頨1799-1865). Spanish politician
ENGELS, Friedrich (1820-1895). German socialist
PEDRO I of Brazil (1798-1834). Emperor of Brazil
PEEL, Robert (1788-1850). Prime Minister of the
GUIZOT, Fran篩s (1787-1874). French historian
EDWARD VI of England (1537-1553). King of England
Spain (1810.1814). Cᤩz Cortes. Allegory of the
ANDUEZA PALACIO, Raimundo Ignacio (1846 - 1900)
ANDRADE, Ignacio (1839-1925). Military, politician
ALBERDI, Juan Bautista (1810 - 1884). Argentinian
DE ALMEIDA, Ant󮩯Jos頨1866 - 1929). President
AVELLANEDA, Marco Manuel (1813 - 1841). Argentinian
ALSINA, Valent�(1802 - 1869). Argentine lawyer
ARBOLEDA Y POMBO, Sergio (1822 - 1888). Colombian
ARCE, Aniceto (1824 - 1906). President of Bolivia
ARAGO, Fran篩s (1786 - 1853). French physicist
ALSINA, Adolfo (1829 - 1877). Argentinian lawyer
MORE, Sir Thomas (1478-1535). English politician
Raspail, Fran篩s (1794-1878). French chemist, naturalist
ZALD͖AR, Rafael (1834 - 1903). Presidente of El
ASPIAZڬAgust�(1826 - 1897). Bolivian writer
PHILIP II of Spain (1527-1598). King of Spain (1556-1598)
Proclamation of Catherine II (1729-96) in Moscu
Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1819-1861). Prince
SUCRE, Antonio Jos頤e (1795-1830). Venezuelan military
Portrait of Montezuma II. Engraving
INDUNO, Girolamo. Portrait of Camillo
Estanislao Figueras
Benito JuᲥz
Benito JuᲥz
AZCARATE Y MENENDEZ, Gumersindo (1840-1917)
Repas of Politique, caricature of the journalism
LUNA, Alvaro de (1390-1453). Spanish politician
SPAIN. Segovia. Alcazar (castle). Philip II of Spain s
FRANCO BAHAMONDE, Francisco (1892-1975). Spanish
CAMBO, Francesc de As�(1876-1947). Catalan
Royal banquet to celebrate the birth of Dauphin

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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