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MACCARI, Cesare (1840-1919). Cicero Denouncing
Michelangelo (1475-1564). David. 1501-1504. Detail
Michelangelo (1475-1564). Pieta. 1498-1499. Renaissance
Michelangelo (1475-1564). Sistine Chapel. The
BERNINI, Giovanni Lorenzo (1598-1680). Pluto
Antonello da Messina. Virgin Annunciate. ca
SPINOZA, Benedict de (1632-1677). Portrait of
BERNINI, Giovanni Lorenzo (1598-1680). David
CARAVAGGIO, Michelangelo Merisi da (1573-1610)
FARUFFINI, Federico (1831-1879). The Reader
SPAIN. Santillana de Mar. Altamira Caves. Bison
FARADAY, Michael (1791-1867). British chemist
PINGRET, Edouard (1788-1875). Cocina Poblana
ANNE BOLEYN (1505-1536). Queen of England (1533-1536)
Concert of Collegium. Musicum of Jena
CANOVA, Antonio (1757-1822). The Graces and Venus
Asclepius. 4th c. BC. Classical Greek art. Sculpture
MANTEGNA, Andrea (1431-1506). The Lamentation
SANTI di TITO (1536-1603). Portrait of Niccolo
Michelangelo (1475-1564). Madonna of Bruges
Proclamation of the German Empire in Versailles
Cave of the Hands. ARGENTINA. SANTA CRUZ. Detail
HOLBEIN, Hans, the Younger (1497-1547). Portrait
SPAIN. Ribadesella. Tito Bustillo Cave. Shaggy
RENOIR, Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919). Pink and
CELLINI, Benvenuto (1500-1571). Perseus. 1554
Gjermundbu Viking Helm. 10th c. Decorative Arts
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich (1770-1831). German
AUSTEN, Jane (1775-1817). English novelist. Engraving
MOSTAERT, Jan (1470-1556). Ecce Homo. 1st half
SMITH, Adam (1723-1790). Oil on canvas
Shiva Nataraja, King of Dance. 850-1100. Hindu
Etruscan warrior. 4th c. BC. Etruscan art. Sculpture
RIVERA, Diego (1886-1957). History of Mexico
Standard of Ur.. Babylonian art
Dancer. Tricliniums Tomb. Etruscan art
ARCIMBOLDO, Giuseppe (1527-1593). The Spring
Pisa griffin. 10th-11th c. Work from the Fatimid
The Standard of Ur. 2600 -2400 BC. War panel
SEBASTIANO del PIOMBO, Sebastiano Luciano, also
ZULOAGA ZABALETA, Ignacio. Portrait of the countess
Tomb of Horemheb. Hathor. Fresco
Seminara (Italy). Sanctuary Madonna dei Poveri
RANC, Jean. Charles III as a Child
GUTIERREZ SOLANA, Jos鮠Still life with a bottle
VELAZQUEZ, Diego Rodr�ez de Silva (1599-1660)
Pan and Olympus. 4th-2nd c. BC. Roman copy. Greek

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