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Poster - British Military medals
Anti-Mau Mau poster, caricature of a Mau Mau rebel, 1952
Army Recruitment Poster, 1960s
WW2 Memorabilia - Damaged Cafe informing suppliers
WW2 poster, How to tackle a fire bomb
WW1 - Trench map from a soldiers war diary showing the Somme Battlefield with
Poster, The Vegetabull
Poster, Keep ceaseless watch for Colorado Beetle
Public warning, German and British aircraft, WW1
LCC-LFB Breathing apparatus communications set
Abraham Edmonds
A British Advanced observation post
WW2 - Home Front - Make-do and Mend Poster
Cross section of a British submarine 1939
Poster, Public Warning, identifying aircraft, WW1
St. Victor and St. Corona, c.1350, by Master for Palazzo Ven
Two police officers in SPG van, Met Police, London
Information card, Hotel de Normandie
Road Safety Week poster
WW2 Poster -- Typhus, How Is It Spread?
Sperry bomb-sight apparatus 1944
Cartoon, The Censor at Work, WW1
Cinematographer adjusts his camera, September 1939
Poster, Telling a friend may mean telling the enemy, WW2
Convair F-106B-31-CO Delta Dart 57-2507
Information leaflet, Dr Williams pink pills for pale people
Clothes perhaps of the Viking Age. Reconstruction. Finland
Computer. MAC model. Early 80 s. 20th century. National Muse
Statue of a man wearing a pointed cap or helmet and a cyprio
Bilingual poster on the wall of the Church of Evangelistria
Laure Junot
Laure Junot
Woman doing automatic writing in a garden
WW2 poster, Britains Aircraft Exhibition, London
WW2 Poster -- Your Release can be delayed with VD
WW2 Poster -- Mosquitoes Mean Malaria
WW2 Poster -- Dysentery and Diarrhoea
Ministry of Food poster, WW2
Foucault Pendulum, Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, USA
Comic postcard, Boy and girl, birds and bees Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Boy reading Home Doctor book Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Father and son, facts of life Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Woman at Information Bureau Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Woman and porter on station platform
Comic postcard, Woman at Information Bureau
WW2 poster, Take Great Care of your Tyres - if 90% of the worlds rubber is in enemy
Comic postcard, Pretty young woman seeks YWCA
Comic postcard, Little girl at Information Bureau
Mrs Thrales house

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