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Boxer of Quirinal, also known as the Terme Boxer
Winged Victory of Samothrace or Nike of Samothrace
Pergamon Altar. Athena against the giant Alcyoneus
Pergamon Altar. Hephaistos and goddess Eos riding a horse
Pergamon Altar. Hecate fighting against the giant Klytios ne
Drunken old woman. Roman sculpture after original of about 2
World map by Claudius Ptolemy (90-168). Engraving, 16th cent
Group of Aphrodite and Pan
Golden earrings with shaped like a dolphin
HOMER (9th century BC). Greek writer. Roman
Pergamon Altar. West frieze. Gigantomachy. Triton and Amphit
The Battle of Alexander at Issus. Oil painting by the German
Barberini Faun. A sleeping satyr. About 220 BC. Greek baroq
Pergamon Altar. Goddess Rhea or Cybele riding on a lion next
Pergamon Altar. Artemis and Leto fighting against Otos
Pergamon Altar. Probably goddess Nyx or one of the Erinyes h
Corinthian capital with acanthus leaves and volute. Pergamon
Cyclopean walls. Lions gate. Butrint. Republic of Albania
Greek warrior. Hellenistic. 1st century BC. From Rhodes. Bri
Head of Alexander the Great (356-323 BC). Marble. 2nd centur
The Acropolis at Pergamon. Turkey. Altar of Zeus. Imaginary
Roman Art. The Nile mosaic of Palestrina. Detail. Trireme
Medusa Rondanini. Roman copy of a classical work of the 5th
Pergamon Altar. Aether and Uranus
Pergamon Altar. Horse of Helios carriage attacking a giant
Pergamon Altar. Theia, giant fallen and Selene
Pergamon Altar. The Titan Phoebe with a torch fighting again
Pergamon Altar. Leto and Apollo fighting against Tityos
Pergamon Altar. The goddess Ceto aiding her father Pontus
Pergamon Altar. Probably the twins Castor and Pollux
Pergamon Altar. The three Moirai, goddesses of fate, kill th
Greek Art. The lady of Kalymnos. Bronze statue
Albania. Butrint. Cyclopean walls of the ancient city. Lake
PAUSANIAS (?-394 BC). King of Sparta (444-426 B.C
The Jockey of Artemision
Marble thrones in the Theatre of Dionysus, Athens, Greece
Philosopher. Bust. Marble. Samaria. Roman period, 1st centur
Late Hellenistic period. Female statuette. From Rome. Terrac
Turkey. Miletus. Ruins of Faustina Baths. Roman period. 2nd
Turkey. Hierapolis. Theatre. Ruins. 2nd-3rd century
Turkey. Hierapolis. Necropolis. Roman sarcophagus
Turkey. Roman art. Side. Ruins
Spain. Catalonia. Empuries. Greek Jetty. 2nd-1st century B.C
Egypt. Nespadeumu mummy. Priest. 320 BC. Ptolemaic era. From
Greek art. Turkey. Pergamon. Temple of Trajan. Turkey
Turkey. Asia Minor. Ephesus. Facade of Celsus Library
Alexander Sarcophagus. 4th century BC. Battle of Issus (333
Head of the poetess Sappho. Marble

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