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Gored Collection

Background imageGored Collection: Golfing Woman 1907

Golfing Woman 1907
A modern sporty girl wears a gored skirt, blouse with detachable all-round collar worn with a tie, a large flat cap & a broad belt to accentuate her tiny waist

Background imageGored Collection: Ice Skating Women 1899

Ice Skating Women 1899
Grey & white fur trim with wrap over jacket bodice, gored skirt decorated just below knee level. Blue costume with brown fur trim, red blouse, jacket with striped revers. Date: 1899

Background imageGored Collection: Advert / Lime Juice Stower

Advert / Lime Juice Stower
Tailor-made costume with a jacket with gored basques & gigot sleeves (leg-of-mutton) & a gored skirt, high stand- fall collar & tie, gauntlets & a hat with birds & bows

Background imageGored Collection: Egyptian Dress / Vionnet

Egyptian Dress / Vionnet
Black dress by Madeleine Vionnet inspired by recent archaeological discoveries in Egypt: tubular long bodice with horizontal bands, gored skirt with handkerchief hem

Background imageGored Collection: Fashions for 1899

Fashions for 1899
Man in morning dress, the ladies wear dresses with gored skirts, one with a netted & tasselled under-skirt, the other is ornamented with bold wavy lines

Background imageGored Collection: Black gown by Marshall & Snelgrove: raglan sleeves, turn back cuffs

Black gown by Marshall & Snelgrove: raglan sleeves, turn back cuffs, long gored skirt with tiny patch pockets ornamented with tassels, white blouse & Louis heel shoes. Date: 1915

Background imageGored Collection: Fashions for 1834

Fashions for 1834
Selection of womens clothing. Date: 1834

Background imageGored Collection: Newest blouse 1895

Newest blouse 1895
Over exaggerated leg-of-mutton sleeves for the latest fashion. Date: 1895

Background imageGored Collection: Visiting Costume 1899

Visiting Costume 1899
Dark green costume with white floral applique trim. Open jacket bodice with puffed upper sleeve, waistcoat, lace high necked blouse, wrap over gored skirt with curved front. 1899

Background imageGored Collection: Skating dress at Dickins and Jones advertisement

Skating dress at Dickins and Jones advertisement
The ideal skating dress in fine, Galashiels tweed with a full circular skirt, gored to allow ample width for movement. Available with knickers to match

Background imageGored Collection: Celanese Nightgown 1944

Celanese Nightgown 1944
A glamorous yet inexpensive nightgown in Celeanese artificial silk, makes good use of coupons. This model has a softly gathered bodice, gored skirt & ribbon bow trim Date: 1944

Background imageGored Collection: Elegant Evening Dress

Elegant Evening Dress
Back view of a dress in heavy crepe-satin with gored skirt trimmed with skunk fur at the hem & with an unusual segmented back detail to the bodice with triangular shaped voids. Date: 1930s

Background imageGored Collection: Green Dress 1899

Green Dress 1899
Dark green princess style dress trimmed in white with shoulder puffs, wrap over bodice & gored skirt tight over the hips & flaring from below the knee. Date: 1899

Background imageGored Collection: Floral & Fur Dress 1899

Floral & Fur Dress 1899
Pale grey dress with fur edged floral print yoke, bodice panel & band on the gored skirt, tight sleeves with shoulder puff & belt with a large silver buckle. Date: 1899

Background imageGored Collection: Grey Costume 1899

Grey Costume 1899
Jacket bodice, scallop edged basques, high collar rolled down to reveal red lining & fur edge, gored skirt with fullness at the back, highly ornamented with passementerie Date: 1899

Background imageGored Collection: Purple Open Bodice 1899

Purple Open Bodice 1899
Open jacket bodice, curved basques, sleeves with small puff at shoulder, lace jabot, waistcoat, high collar, gored skirt with fullness at back, 3 bands of trim on skirt & body. Date: 1899

Background imageGored Collection: Purple Ensemble 1899

Purple Ensemble 1899
Open bodice, velvet revers, cuffs & trim, tight sleeves with slight puff at shoulder, skirt with lace ruff collar & cravat, gored skirt with tablier trim, velvet belt. Date: 1899

Background imageGored Collection: Costume of 1890S

Costume of 1890S
Beige & green: cape collar, gigot sleeves, belt, gored skirt, inverted triangular panels at hem. Purple & grey: corselet bodice, skirt with side split, embroidery & bows Date: 1890s

Background imageGored Collection: Costume / Lacourriere 90S

Costume / Lacourriere 90S
Green spotted tunic: wrap over bodice & fur trim over a high- necked black dress. Costume bodice: short basques, gigot sleeves, pockets, gored skirt, button detail, large revers. Date: 1890s

Background imageGored Collection: Frilly Fashions 1892

Frilly Fashions 1892
Blue: yoke bodice, sleeves (3 vandyked flounces, pleated transparent flared cuffs). Brown: wrap-over coat bodice, frilled revers, gored skirt, gigot sleeves, broad belt. Date: 1892

Background imageGored Collection: Fashions / Lefranco 1892

Fashions / Lefranco 1892
Tartan blouse, gigot sleeves, sleeveless bolero with passementerie. High necked lace blouse, coat bodice with long basques simulating an over-skirt, gored skirt. Date: 1892

Background imageGored Collection: Grey Tailor Made 1899

Grey Tailor Made 1899
Pale grey tailor made with white trim: collarless jacket with short rounded basque, tight sleeves with puff at the shoulder, gored skirt, pleated blouse & grey fur stole. Date: 1899

Background imageGored Collection: Autumn Dress 1899

Autumn Dress 1899
Grey & black dress: open bodice, embroidered revers with short cape, gored skirt with pleated panels contained to the knee with cords & buttons & flaring out below. 1899

Background imageGored Collection: COSTUME 1895

Enormous gigot sleeves with epaulettes, large skirts (possibly 7 gored skirts), tiny waists, broad belts, high necked blouse with yoke, huge hats ornamented with flowers. Date: 1895

Background imageGored Collection: Social / French Party 1931

Social / French Party 1931
Two evening dresses by Philippe Rodier: one in dark green with a gored skirt and diamond buckle on one hip; the other is in pale blue. Date: April 1931

Background imageGored Collection: Evening dress 1931

Evening dress 1931
Gowns by Lucien Lelong include one with a low-cut back, bustle & train and a gown with a black skirt, pink bodice & a diamond shaped panel & bow at the waist. 1931

Background imageGored Collection: Modelling Gown 1930S

Modelling Gown 1930S
Two potential customers watch a mannequin model a gown with a gored skirt, pointed panels forming a yoke on the hips, a loosely tied narrow sash & a marabou trimmed cape. Date: early 1930s

Background imageGored Collection: Spanish Bullfighting Series (4 / 12)

Spanish Bullfighting Series (4 / 12)
Spanish Bullfighting Series. Horses injured by the bull. Date: 1913

Background imageGored Collection: Fashion for the evening 1895

Fashion for the evening 1895
Three women wearing enormous leg-of-mutton sleeved blouse with bulging bodice, gored skirt and tiny waist. Date: 1895

Background imageGored Collection: Brown Open Bodice 1899

Brown Open Bodice 1899
Open bodice with revers that extend beyond the waistline, tight sleeves pleated at the shoulder, gored tunic open to reveal an embroidered under- skirt & pouched blouse. Date: 1899

Background imageGored Collection: Promenade Dress 1899

Promenade Dress 1899
Open jacket bodice, irregular shaped revers, high necked blouse, gored skirt trimmed with concentric narrow bands, puff at top of sleeves, profusely ornamented straw hat Date: 1899

Background imageGored Collection: Fable / Ears of the Hare

Fable / Ears of the Hare
THE HAREs EARS A lion, gored by an elk, banishes all horned animals; a hare, seeing the shadow of her ears, thinks they will be taken for horns, and flees

Background imageGored Collection: Fashions for the 1890S

Fashions for the 1890S
Enormous gigot sleeves & gored skirts. A green & black blouse with a large vandyked lace collar that also forms epaulettes. Open bodice & high-necked, pleated blouse

Background imageGored Collection: Striped Dress 1866

Striped Dress 1866
Women: vertical stripes, basque-habit, front buttoning gored skirt; low cut dress with Swiss body, skirt with ruched trim & rosettes. Boy: jacket with strap like trim

Background imageGored Collection: Gown with Ruff Straps

Gown with Ruff Straps
A bias cut pink satin gown by Jeanne Lanvin with a gored skirt and large multi-coloured ruff-like sleeves

Background imageGored Collection: Checked Evening Gown 34

Checked Evening Gown 34
A gown by Jeanne Lanvin using a diaphanous striped fabric overlaid to produce a diagonal check effect. It has a square neckline & a gored skirt & is worn with a broad silver belt

Background imageGored Collection: Evening Gown / Mainbocher

Evening Gown / Mainbocher
Peach, bias cut gown with thin straps and wrap-over bodice which is echoed in the diagonal skirt panels. The skirt is gored with a train. A fur-trimmed scarf is worn

Background imageGored Collection: Evening Wear 1931

Evening Wear 1931
Two evening dresses by Goupy: one in dark blue has a gored skirt; the other is in a diaphanous, floral print

Background imageGored Collection: Fashions April 1868

Fashions April 1868
Girl: habit shirt, short dress, tunic of overlapping panels that end in tasselled points. Woman: green pelerine, dress with train & gored skirt with white edged seams

Background imageGored Collection: LADIES & BOY 1865

Boy: Danish trousers & Zouave jacket. Women: bodice with square basques, fourreau skirt (each panel trimmed); hitched- up walking skirt & hooded mantle in spotted fabric

Background imageGored Collection: Couple Photo / Piano 1930S

Couple Photo / Piano 1930S
A man plays a piano and looks up at a glamorous woman in a long dress who is leaning seductively on a corner of the piano Date: 1930s

Background imageGored Collection: Evening Dress / Patou

Evening Dress / Patou
Design by August Abernard: flaring gored floral print skirt, draped V neckline & plunging V back, worn with a long light weight scarf that drapes seductively

Background imageGored Collection: Costume / Women 1933

Costume / Women 1933
Lilac satin bias cut gown with gathered self-coloured belt, gored skirt & marabou trimmed shoulder straps. Her blonde hair is dressed in a marcel wave

Background imageGored Collection: Lady and her Linen / 1929

Lady and her Linen / 1929
A bias cut dress with V shaped back & cape, narrow sleeves, bell shaped reverse cuffs & soft gored skirt which dips slightly more at the back

Background imageGored Collection: Linen Frocks 1929

Linen Frocks 1929
Practical summer frocks in embroidered linen: collarless jacket & 2 piece dress with flounce, or gored skirt, scarf & plain trim, or a floral dress with coatee bodice

Background imageGored Collection: Fringed Hem 1924

Fringed Hem 1924
Two tubular shaped dresses with low waistlines. One has a deep V neckline, uneven seam at the hip & a gored skirt, the other a slanting low waistline & fringed skirt

Background imageGored Collection: Molyneux Dresses 1930

Molyneux Dresses 1930
Two dress designs by Molyneux both with gored flaring skirts, belts & matching sac jackets. One has chevron panels or inserts which add interest to the skirt

Background imageGored Collection: Dresses by Regny 1930

Dresses by Regny 1930
Jane Regny designs show soft fitted dresses in brightly coloured prints with gored skirts & ornamental panels. Accessories: white gloves & soft hats that cover the hair

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