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Germanic Gallery

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Concert of Collegium. Musicum of Jena
Sentimental German wartime postcard
Norse Myth / Tyr / Sword
Hann. Munden, Germany - Parsonage
Viking ships of the king Olaf I of Norway (995-1000)
Ancient Germanic warrior with heads of his victims
Ancient Germanic warriors
Scenes from the Pillar of the Boatmen
Helsingeland runic alphabet
Metal Age. The gold bracteates. National Museum of Denmark
Der Schenk Von Limburg, ministerial Swabian (mid 13th centur
Bernger Von Horheim (late 12th century).of the court of Henr
The Germanic god Wotan, corresponding to the Scandinavian
Germany (1848). The Frankfurt Parliament convened
PLANCK, Max Karl Ernst Ludwig (1858-1947). German
SCHWANN, Theodor (1810 - 1882). German physiologist
FLEMING-WILLIAMS, C.R. (19 c.-20 c.). Hit!: A patrol
Germany (1848). Frankfurt Parliament
Anti-German cartoon, Made in Germany, WW1
Ancient Germanic cavalry
Ancient sepulchral monument in Germany
Ancient Germanic warriors at a banquet
Ancient Germanic deities, Svetovid and Triglav
Ancient Germanic gods and kings: Flins and Radgost
Ancient Germanic gods: Irmensula, Crodo and Prono
View of the encampment of German and Roman armies
Pretty young German girl
Edictum Rothari. Written compilation of Lombard law. 643. Re
Tableware. 1-375 AD. Roman import objects. Germanic Tribes
Viking Age. Runestone. Tirsted. 10th century AD. National M
Der Wilde Alexander, poet of the 13th century, greets his be
Ulrich von Liechtenstein (12001278) on a trip. Codex Manes
KRUPP, Friedrich Alfred (1854 - 1902). German steel
MORITZ, Karl Phillip (1757-1793). German author
Table clock (16th c.). Renaissance art. Jewelry
WEGENER, Alfred (1880-1930). German polar researcher
MOMMSEN, Theodor (1817-1903). Nobel Prize in Literature
PAUDISS, Cristopher (1630-1666). Still Life. 1660
VON SAVIGNY, Friedrich Karl (1779 - 1861). German
Richard Wagner. Siegfried
KANDINSKY, Wassily. Murnau with Church
BERENTZ, Christian. Vegetables and Fruits
Ancient Germanic warriors on a battlefield
Farmers and hunters in ancient Germanic peoples
Ancient Germanic shepherds and hunters
Costume of ancient Germanic peoples on a journey
Family of ancient Germanic hunters
Religious rites of the ancient Germanic peoples

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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