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Frequently Collection

Background imageFrequently Collection: A Fish Pontoon at Grimsby by Fortunio Matania

A Fish Pontoon at Grimsby by Fortunio Matania
An illustration of what was described in the Sphere as one of the greatest fishing ports in the world. In 1790 the population was less than 1, 000 and in 1907 it was 65, 000

Background imageFrequently Collection: Mary Frith / Pickpocket

Mary Frith / Pickpocket
Mary Frith aka Moll Cutpurse, a notorious master thief & an Ugly who frequently dressed as a man; escaped from Newgate by bribery

Background imageFrequently Collection: Boy soldiers in uniform hold hands in support of Germany

Boy soldiers in uniform hold hands in support of Germany
Children were frequently used in propaganda images by all sides. Depicted here are L to R, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey and Austria. WW1 Date: 1916

Background imageFrequently Collection: GIOVANNA DI NAPOLI

15-year old Giovanna (Joanna) cedes her dominions to pope Clemens VI ; in return he crowns her queen of Naples which she rules till her death, marrying frequently. Date: 1343

Background imageFrequently Collection: HELPING LADY FROM CAR

Ladies frequently encounter difficulty in emerging gracefully from an automobile, so it's nice to have a gentleman on hand to assist one Date: 1927

Background imageFrequently Collection: Manor House Vauxhall

Manor House Vauxhall
Edward, the Black Prince, took up residence in the manor house of Kennington and it remained a royal palace until the time of Henry VIII

Background imageFrequently Collection: Chairman of the Ypres Last Post Committee with bugles

Chairman of the Ypres Last Post Committee with bugles
The Ceremony of the Last Post, in which firemen buglers play the Last Post under the Menin Gate at 8pm each night is, in its simplicity, one of the most moving acts of Remembrance in the world

Background imageFrequently Collection: Flemish Soldiers Memorial Crypt, Zonnbeke

Flemish Soldiers Memorial Crypt, Zonnbeke
The crypt is in the local cemetery. There was considersable acrimony between the French speaking population and those who spoke Flemish

Background imageFrequently Collection: DOYLE IN SPIRIT PHOTO

Conan Doyles image turns up in a spirit photo done by Charles Hope (1863-1933). Hope was frequently accused of fraud, so this photograph may not be genuine. Date: 1920s

Background imageFrequently Collection: INDIAN BAZaR 1930S

Indian shopkeepers in the bazaars frequently squat on the ground behind their wares. The business of buying and selling takes time as both sides haggle for hours. Date: 1930s

Background imageFrequently Collection: Bewick Dalmatian

Bewick Dalmatian
The Dalmatian, or Coach Dog, is frequently kept in genteel houses, as an elegant attendant on a carriage

Background imageFrequently Collection: Alien Entity

Alien Entity
Green-skinned alien visitor, similar to the greys who have subsequently established themselves as the most frequently-reported visiting aliens

Background imageFrequently Collection: Keeping his Hand In

Keeping his Hand In
KEEPING HIS HAND IN. Private Smith, the company bomber, formerly Shino, the popular juggler, frequently causes considerable anxiety to this platoon. Captain Bruce Bairnsfather, 1St Btn

Background imageFrequently Collection: Homeless Men in a Royal Park, London, 1903

Homeless Men in a Royal Park, London, 1903
Illustration showing a group of homeless men sleeping on the grass in one of Londons Royal Parks, 1903. The original caption for this image ran: The Submerged Tenth - Lounging in Londons Royal Parks

Background imageFrequently Collection: Margueritte Photo

Margueritte Photo
PAUL MARGUERITE and his brother VICTOR (1866 - 1942) French writers who frequently wrote in collaboration : photographed with a bevy of females in 1900. Date: 1860 - 1918

Background imageFrequently Collection: Robert, Marquess of Salisbury

Robert, Marquess of Salisbury
ROBERT CECIL, third marquess of SALISBURY Statesman, prime minister in 1885, 1886 and 1895: he was frequently Foreign Minister as well. Date: 1830-1903

Background imageFrequently Collection: Robert Marq. Salisbury

Robert Marq. Salisbury
ROBERT CECIL, third marquess of SALISBURY Statesman, prime minister in 1885, 1886, 1895 and 1909 : he was frequently Foreign Minister as well. Date: 1830-1903

Background imageFrequently Collection: Henry Percy of Alnwick

Henry Percy of Alnwick
HENRY PERCY OF ALNWICK son of the 9th earl of Northumberland, royalist courtier but frequently in various kinds of trouble. Date: ? - 1659

Background imageFrequently Collection: Mary, Jesus, Donors

Mary, Jesus, Donors
Mary is frequently depicted with benefactors : here, the whole family seem to have squeezed into the frame... Date: 1ST CENTURY

Background imageFrequently Collection: Marthe Chenal Photo

Marthe Chenal Photo
MARTHE CHENAL French singer, in her time the most celebrated singer in France, frequently required to sing the Marseillaise on state occasions : in 1918. Date: 1881 - 1947

Background imageFrequently Collection: Charlton House

Charlton House
Across the Heath from our Library, Charlton House is frequently the scene of such events as this fete in aid of the Royal Kent Dispensary, featuring a tournament

Background imageFrequently Collection: Lear / Nonsense / Ryde

Lear / Nonsense / Ryde
There was a Young Lady of Ryde, Whose shoe-strings were seldom untied. She purchased some clogs, and some small spotted dogs, and frequently walked about Ryde

Background imageFrequently Collection: Keeping His Hand In, by Bruce Bairnsfather

Keeping His Hand In, by Bruce Bairnsfather
Private Smith, the company bomber, formerly Shino, the popular juggler, frequently causes considerable anxiety to his platoon

Background imageFrequently Collection: Samnite Warriors

Samnite Warriors
Warriors from SAMNIUM, in central Italy (roughly todays Abruzzi); they were enemies of the Romans until conquered circa 290 BC, and frequently figure in Roman history

Background imageFrequently Collection: The Dog in War

The Dog in War
A Canine member of the German Red Cross, seen with two orderlies, equipped for field service with a flask, cup and first-aid case

Background imageFrequently Collection: British War Dog

British War Dog
A British war-dog being trained for cross-country work. Dogs were used frequently, particularly by the Germans, during World War I, as auxiliaries in ambulance work, and for sentry and patrol work

Background imageFrequently Collection: The Wave Hairstyle, 1926

The Wave Hairstyle, 1926
A permanently waved hairstyle by Feminix salon, Piccadilly, London, 1926. Shingled or bobbed hair became universally popular during the 1920 s, a reflection of womens new-found freedom

Background imageFrequently Collection: Battle Scene 1854

Battle Scene 1854
Warships are frequently used against shore targets as their guns generally outclass any thing available on land : during the Crimea War H.M.S. Bulldog bombards Bomarsund

Background imageFrequently Collection: The Great Wool-floor at the London Docks

The Great Wool-floor at the London Docks
The great wool-floor at the London Docks. The London Dock Company enlarged the warehouse for receiving wool imports from the colonies in the 1840 s

Background imageFrequently Collection: Philemon, Playwright

Philemon, Playwright
PHILEMON Athenian comic poet and playwright, author of 97 works which were evidently extremely popular as he frequently won contests over his rivals

Background imageFrequently Collection: Tree-Creeper (Morris)

Tree-Creeper (Morris)
(Certhia familiaris) Although tolerably numerous, it is not very frequently observed, owing to its small size, modest colours, and its quickness

Background imageFrequently Collection: Max Von Pauer

Max Von Pauer
MAX VON PAUER German pianist, who frequently performed in chamber music ensembles. He died in London

Background imageFrequently Collection: Barnard / Fokker

Barnard / Fokker
Captain Charles Douglas Barnard and his Fokker: he flew frequently with the Duchess of Bedford

Background imageFrequently Collection: Balkal (Cig Card)

Balkal (Cig Card)
British-built steamship built for use on Russias Lake Balkal. Her hull is designed to withstand the ice which frequently impedes navigation of the lake

Background imageFrequently Collection: Welsh Bus on Hill

Welsh Bus on Hill
Wales is a hilly country, and its buses are frequently called on to perform quite remarkable feats of climbing, especially when carrying their full complement of passengers

Background imageFrequently Collection: Phone Box in Shop

Phone Box in Shop
Before the introduction of telephone kiosks, instruments were frequently made access- -ible to the public in shops such as this pharmacy where an assistant assist a customer

Background imageFrequently Collection: Loch Ness in 1769

Loch Ness in 1769
Castle Urquhart, picturesquely sited on the shores of the Loch : the monster has frequently been reported in this section of the loch

Background imageFrequently Collection: Girl Carrying Coal

Girl Carrying Coal
OLDER GIRL CARRYING COAL I carry a hundredweight and a quarter (60kg+) on my back, and am frequently in water up to my calves (Report)

Background imageFrequently Collection: Bewick / Stoat

Bewick / Stoat
(Mustels erminea) This mustelid is similar to and frequently mistaken for a weasel. It is found pretty well throughout the northern hemisphere

Background imageFrequently Collection: Varied Monkey (Bewick)

Varied Monkey (Bewick)
Bewick gives no Latin name but says its the best known of all the Monkey-tribe, being more frequently brought into Europe than any other. It is a native of Barbary and Arabia

Background imageFrequently Collection: Phantom Burning Ship

Phantom Burning Ship
The phantom burning ship has been frequently seen off the North American coast, and on the Great Lakes

Background imageFrequently Collection: Hampton Court Ghost

Hampton Court Ghost
HAMPTON COURT The ghost of Jane Seymour has frequently been reported, but we cannot guarantee that this photo is an authentic picture of the apparition

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